The Best Hacks to Save Fuel on Your Rental Car
Oct 27, 2023

The Best Hacks to Save Fuel on Your Rental Car

Having your own car brings immense ease and convenience, but it also comes with a big list of responsibilities, including timely maintenance and registration. When you buy a luxury brand like the Rolls Royce, Porsche, or Mercedes, the maintenance cost can be a hefty amount. Thus, if you are wondering how you can enjoy the luxuries of an exotic car without spending a massive amount on purchasing it, you can consider getting it from a Dubai rent a car.

Going for car rentals not only brings the advantage of affordability but also provides freedom, flexibility, and less time consumption. It is also exceedingly helpful for everyday commutes since it can help you skip the queues and long waits that are otherwise experienced in public transport. A smart solution for everyday traveling would be choosing an economy car rental Dubai, so that you can travel under budget and also save fuel.

However, with the constant fluctuation in fuel rates, it can be difficult to determine if your rental car will save you enough amount, which is why this blog will be highlighting some of the top tips to help you save fuel on your economy car rental Dubai.

1. Ensure maintenance and tire pressure

When your car’s engine is regularly maintained, it ensures that your car runs smoothly and thus, consumes less fuel. This includes changing engine oil as per the recommended time for your car, and also paying attention to warning lights, so they can be fixed immediately.

Although it sounds small and simple, keeping your vehicle’s tires under the correct pressure can vastly contribute to enhancing fuel efficiency. An underinflated tire would require more energy to move because of the increased resistance on the road, thus consuming more fuel in the process. Similarly, an overinflated tire can lead to a decreased grip on the road and may result in mishandling. These consequences make it exceedingly important to maintain optimal tire pressure for a smooth and fuel-efficient drive.

2. Keep your driving smooth

Exerting sudden acceleration or hard breaks requires more energy from the car, thereby requiring more fuel as well. It may be thrilling to drive your car at high speeds, given the smooth and extensive roads in Dubai, but not only is it risky, it adds to more fuel consumption as well.

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If your routine requires you to use a car every day, you can go for the monthly car rental Dubai, but taking steps to ensure fuel efficiency will help you keep your rental under budget. It is essential that you drive at a steady pace and avoid sudden brakes or acceleration, which will result in saving you money and avoiding the dangers of aggressive driving.

3. Careful use of the AC

The AC feature is a necessity in vehicles in Dubai, given that the weather is usually hot throughout the year and one needs the cooling to maintain a relaxed atmosphere within the car. However, utilizing the AC requires more energy from the engine, and as a result, the car consumes more fuel.

To ensure maximum efficiency on your economy car rental Dubai, make sure that you use the AC only during necessary times, and avoid using the maximum speed as that will exert more pressure on the engine. During the cooler months, it is better to keep the air conditioning off to help you in saving fuel.

4. Avoid taking congested routes

When you drive in highly congested areas or during peak hours, your car stops every now and then, which can significantly impact your vehicle’s fuel consumption. A great way out of this situation would be to avoid taking routes with heavy traffic and avoid peak hours by leaving early, or after it subsides.

Before you take on your trip, be it a long ride, or your daily commute, it is advisable to check the routes before leaving and choose less congested ones so you can drive at a constant speed and maintain fuel efficiency. If your daily drive to work consists of going through traffic-prone areas, consider choosing a cheap rent a car Dubai and leaving before or after the rush hours to keep your expenses under budget. This will not only contribute to saving on fuel expenses but will also save the time and exhaustion of remaining stuck in traffic for long hours.

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5. Utilise cruise control

Traveling on a highway means you do not need to change speeds too often and that you can maintain a constant speed. In such cases, consider using the cruise control feature in your car rental, given that it lessens the pressure on the car’s engine, and thus, allows for less fuel consumption.

While this is an immensely useful feature for keeping your ride fuel efficient, it is important that cruise control is only used under the right circumstances, i.e., on highways and when there is no traffic, since traffic requires one to make sudden changes to speed.

Following the above-listed practices not only allows you to increase your car mileage but also helps in keeping the vehicle in good condition so it provides you with a smooth driving experience.