The Benefits of Renting a Car for Family Vacations
Jan 2, 2024

The Benefits of Renting a Car for Family Vacations

If you are looking for the ideal place to spend the summer with your family, then head to Dubai. With its glamorous shopping malls, huge theme parks, and exciting water parks, there are endless fun attractions here for the whole family. You can head to Atlantis the Palm for unforgettable water rides, or visit the Dubai Mall and enjoy the Olympic-sized ice rink.

While you can certainly visit all these incredible places using public transport like the intercity buses or the Dubai Metro, it can be a hassle choosing this option if you are with your family. In this case, renting a car would be an easy, and effective alternative. Not only will this prove to be a cost-effective option, but will also grant you freedom and flexibility to move around and explore the wonderful Dubai.

Read the blog below to find out more advantages you can avail yourself when you choose a luxury car rental while vacationing with your family.

More comfort, less cost

Traveling with children is delightful, as you create memories you will always cherish. Yet, it can be tough taking them along in a means of public transport, as the crowd and noise may disturb them and they eventually turn cranky. The best solution to this is renting a car in Dubai that ensures your children sit comfortably and enjoy the ride.

car for rent Dubai

Having your children relaxed will allow you to roam around and admire the spectacular Dubai without any worry. One may wonder that choosing car rental over public transport would be too costly, but in actuality, it is quite cost-effective. Having your own ride means you can make necessary stops whenever required, without having to change stations on the public buses on Metro.

Driving a car for rent Dubai also gives you the ease of carrying food items with you in the car, which saves you the time you otherwise spend on stopping at stations and finding a place to eat.

More time for entertainment

Traveling to Dubai means staying in awe of the multiple record-breaking structures like the iconic Burj Khalifa, or the remarkable Ain Dubai. However, you need ample time to explore these places as a family, and using public transport may not save you enough time.

Having your luxury rental car Dubai means you get to avoid the long queues and reach your destination just on time. Furthermore, you do not have to limit your fun to a specific time, e.g., the metro stops operating after 12 a.m., which could make you wind up early. Not having to worry about time constraints will give you the freedom to discover new places, delicious restaurants, thrilling adventures, or spots for ideal photographs with your loved ones.

Ample space

If you have a big family, it can be a constant worry traveling on buses or taxis. It also means one compromises on comfort and also spends more money to accommodate all the members. Instead, you can go for SUV rental Dubai, and choose the car that fits you the best. SUVs are not only the perfect cars to accommodate bigger families but also provide maximum space for passengers to relax during longer routes.

car for rent Dubai

Also, if you are traveling with luggage, there is no better option to ensure it is tucked in safely other than carrying it with you in your SUV for rent. Carrying your baggage along in public means of transport will keep your focus on ensuring its safety, and thus, you will not be able to freely dwell in entertainment. However, having your own car eliminates the risk of theft or damage to your luggage, thereby putting you at ease so you can enjoy your trip without constantly worrying about these issues.

Book a family car from Beno

For a hassle-free vacation with your family, consider renting a car from Beno. It is a rental marketplace with an extensive variety of luxury vehicles, so you can choose the car that fits your needs in terms of seats, luggage space, fuel consumption, and interior preferences. Beno offers the finest options including the Bentley Bentayga SUV, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover, and the Audi Q7 SUV, which will not only provide you with unmatched luxury but also have you travel through Dubai in style.

The rental process is as simple as it gets. You can book your choice of exotic car in a few steps using the Beno App, and be saved from the hassle of any lengthy paperwork. Have the car delivered to your location, or rent a car with driver if you wish to avoid taking on new routes and fear losing directions and ending in the wrong way.