Why you should make Abu Hail your next  Vacation Spot
Residential Area
Jul 4, 2023

Why you should make Abu Hail your next Vacation Spot

The ideal vacation spots usually consist of high-end luxury, delicious cuisines, a top-notch residential place, and various other seasonal amenities to enjoy. Even so, not everyone prefers this utmost comfort. Some like to explore cultures, local traditions, antique markets, and cafes with reasonable food prices. If you find yourself fitting in the latter, then make sure to mark Abu Hail as your next vacation spot.

Situated in Deira, Abu Hail shares its borders with prime areas like Mamzar, Al Twar, and Hor Al Anz, each of which can be accessed by either renting a car or taking public buses and metro.

Here are some of the many reasons why you will find Abu Hail a fascinating place to visit and explore the next time you plan your vacation.

An excellent location

When planning any getaway, it is crucial to consider the area you are going to reside in, and whether or not it makes it easy to roam around. Choosing Abu Hail is a smart decision, given that it is located in the heart of Dubai, and has many famous malls and attractions in close proximity.

If you can get a car from a car rental in Dubai, you can visit places like Mirdif City Center, Abu Hail Center, Dubai Frame, Al Mamzar beach park, Dubai Miracle Garden, and Dubai Museum, all within a few minutes.

However, if you are not a fan of driving and searching for parking anywhere you go, you can also choose to go using Dubai metro, since Abu Hail has its own metro station.

All the food you will love

Going for a vacation means leaving your comfort zone and not only trying new adventures but also new food. That said, the restaurant variety in Abu Hail has countless traditional and international meals to offer. Be it the appetizing Arab dishes and sweets, or the rich and spicy BBQ platters of Asian countries, this place has it all.

You may explore all these different, yet delicious cuisines either by walking to your nearby restaurants/cafes, or by renting a car and driving to a specific location to satisfy your food cravings. Having a car with you allots you the freedom to survey multiple places, search through menus, and comfortably decide where you wish to sit and eat.

A memorable shopping experience

If anything, Dubai is widely famous for its numerous, and huge shopping malls that contain every top fashion brand. This is why it is the number one destination for a majority of shopping fanatics.

Being in Abu Hail gives you the chance to shop at Abu Hail Center. Placed amongst one of the oldest shopping malls in Dubai, this place is a paradise for abaya lovers. You can view the exclusive collection by searching for a car rental in Abu Hail and driving to these numerous shops that sell modest wear.

1. Rent a car Dubai

Shopping is not only limited to fashion wear but also grocery. For this, you can visit the Union Coop in Abu Hail to find fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and baked items at exceptionally good rates.

Why renting a car in Abu Hail will give you endless advantages?

Despite the fact that Dubai provides many, trouble-free modes of public transport, i.e., modern taxis, air-conditioned buses, and the renowned Dubai metro, having a rental car makes everything easier.

  1. With public transport, you are confined to certain time limitations. The Dubai metro, for example, does not operate after 12 a.m. While that is certainly a late hour, there are many outings with friends and family that end after midnight, so renting a car can be quite useful.

2. Car rental in Abu Hail

  1. Going on a long route requires you to be comfortable, but public transport is often not a prime choice when looking for comfort and relaxation. With Dubai rent a car, you can choose a vehicle of your preference and hit the road feeling free and flexible.

  2. Having a car along means going to any place, at any time. Whether it is meeting someone at a specific location, or reaching the cinema at the right time, going in a car can save you a great deal of time. Choosing to go on public transport means waiting in queues, searching for the nearest stations, and standing in huge crowds.

No matter what the season, Dubai has a lot to offer. Stunning outdoor festivals in winter, and extraordinary indoor theme parks, malls, and beaches for the summer. For your next vacation, plan your stay in Abu Hail and enjoy the wonders it has to offer.