Here Are The 7 Best Reasons To Visit Fujairah
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Dec 13, 2023

Here Are The 7 Best Reasons To Visit Fujairah

One of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, Fujairah is frequently eclipsed by its more glitzy neighbors, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Fujairah, one of the seven emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a hidden gem. Nestled along the Gulf of Oman, it boasts pristine beaches, the rugged Al Hajar Mountains, and rich cultural heritage.

The country seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, with a thriving economy, a rich cultural tapestry, and a reputation as a global hub. Together, Fujairah and the UAE offer an enchanting fusion of tradition, innovation, and natural beauty. But with its own charm and abundance of activities, this hidden treasure is a great holiday destination.

Here are seven things to do in Fujairah if you're seeking for them:

1. Unspoiled Shorelines

Blessed with a breathtaking coastline that hugs the Gulf of Oman, Fujairah is home to some of the most exquisite and pristine beaches in the United Arab Emirates. It is the perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, and water sports because of the warm, clear seas. Sandy areas like Dibba Beach and Al Aqah Beach provide a peaceful haven from the busy city life.

2. Mountains of Al Hajar

The Al Hajar Mountains with a Fujairah car rental characterize Fujairah's spectacular topography. The untamed landscape is ideal for those seeking adventure. Popular activities in this area include off-roading, hiking, and rock climbing. You won't soon forget the exhilaration of scaling the summits and taking in expansive vistas of the surrounding valleys.

3. Fort Fujairah

Al Bithnah Fort, also called Fujairah Fort, is a historical treasure that sheds light on the emirate's past. Constructed out of mud and boulders, this well-preserved fort provides insight into the rich history of Fujairah. Discovering the fort and its environs is like taking a historical trip.

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4. Mosque of Al Badiyah

Another historical gem among the things to do in Fujairah is the oldest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, Al Badiyah Mosque. Its antiquity and simplicity add to its allure. History and culture enthusiasts will find it to be a fascinating place to visit, with its distinctive architecture, exquisite design, and serene surroundings.

5. National Park of Wadi Wurayah

Wadi Wurayah National Park, which is home to a wide variety of species and lush vegetation, is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Photography and birding abound there. There are several hiking and swimming paths, waterfalls, and rock pools throughout the park. It's a little piece of heaven for those who enjoy ecotourism.

6. Diving and Snorkelling

Fujairah is well-known for its fantastic diving and snorkeling spots because of its vibrant coral reefs. Beno is the best rental marketplace and with our yachts, you can explore a multitude of marine species in the Gulf of Oman's mild waters and other various dive spots that provide guided tours. Fujairah's underwater wonderland will enthrall you whether you're an expert diver or not.

7. Desert of Bidiyah

Fujairah gives a taste of the desert in addition to mountains and beaches. The Bidiyah Desert, often known as the "Mini Desert," has beautiful sand dunes and desert plants. Here, a desert safari offers a true Arabian experience with rent a car Fujairah, replete with camel riding, dune bashing, and the chance to see a breathtaking desert sunset.

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Bonus: Regional Food and Customs

Enjoy the unique Emirati cuisine, a fusion of flavors influenced by the history and geography of the area, while you're in Fujairah. You may wonder why rent a car is the best option? well, because you may sample foods like Al Majboos, a spicy rice dish, Al Khubz Al Hareer, an Emirati bread variety, and Harees, a porridge made of wheat and meat. Engaging with the amiable natives and perusing the local markets is a cultural experience in itself.

To sum up, Fujairah is a place where visitors may have a wide variety of experiences. There are plenty of things to do in Fujairah, from its rich history and culture to its outdoor activities and natural beauty. No matter if you want to unwind on immaculate beaches or experience the thrill of thrilling mountain excursions, Fujairah's distinct charm will undoubtedly win you over. Thus, think about including Fujairah in your vacation plans so you may discover all the hidden gems that lie in store in this remarkable but lesser-known region of the United Arab Emirates.