Explore the Exquisite Dubai Waters on Santorini Superyacht
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Jul 1, 2024

Explore the Exquisite Dubai Waters on Santorini Superyacht

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The feeling of breathing in the fresh air and relishing the beauty of nature from the deck of a luxury yacht is an unparalleled experience, especially when you are in Dubai. As you sail across the immensely charming views of the city’s skyline, including the famous attractions like Ain Dubai, Burj ul Arab, and Atlantis, the Palm; you indulge in possibly the best yacht journey.

If you are looking for a way to beat the summer heat, there is no better suggestion than to rent luxury yacht and revel in its premium, fully air-conditioned interior. Find some of the finest yachts at Beno, a leading rental marketplace in Dubai that features a wide variety of luxury yachts to choose from, depending on the required size, duration of travel, and budget.

For an unmatched experience of luxury, innovation, style, and comfort, go for yacht rental Santorini from Beno. The mighty 115ft superyacht is a wonder to look at, featuring a remarkable design on the outside, and a fine interior that radiates opulence. As you enter this exclusive yacht, be amazed by the massive deck, 5 luxurious rooms with ensuite restrooms, and a lavish interior décor that exudes Greek-styled craftsmanship.

The following blog highlights all the spectacular characteristics of the exclusive Santorini, so you can book yourself an ultimate superyacht rental Dubai trip and enjoy the endless premium amenities aboard.

Relax in the outstanding bedrooms

As you step aboard this mighty yacht, you enter a world of entertainment, modern tech, innovative designs, and 5 magnificent bedrooms. If you are exhausted from your usual busy routine and are looking for an escape in nature to freshen up and unwind, go for yacht rental Santorini to relax over its spacious deck, or enjoy its luxurious rooms.

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The rooms include 2 master suites, both of which feature an exquisite setup that guarantees you a comfortable sea journey. All the rooms come fitted with the latest technologies, aesthetic lighting, and a tranquil atmosphere to offer you the utmost relaxation. Each room comes with an ensuite restroom presenting a modern design.

A unique celebration for special occasions

Milestone birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or engagement parties call for a distinctive celebration, and there is no better venue than an exclusive yacht to make it truly memorable. With a private yacht hire Dubai, like the Santorini, prepare to have an experience of a lifetime, as you celebrate love amongst the cool Dubai waters and the exquisite surrounding views.

Our Santorini yacht comes fitted with advanced entertainment systems, so you and your loved ones can groove to upbeat tunes as you party in the middle of the sea. Savor the appetizing meals prepared by Beno’s head chef, and enjoy the excellent hospitality services offered by the 7 person crew aboard the Santorini. Allow Beno to make your events exceptionally special, where we bring your plans to life through themed decors, food menu, beverages, and live entertainment.

Witness the ravishing views

When you book your unforgettable experience of yacht rental Santorini, get ready to be blown away by enchanting views from the very start. Beno’s premium boats are harbored at the stunning Marsa al Arab marina in Jumeirah, a prime spot situated along the iconic Burj ul Arab.

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As you arrive at our exclusive office in Marsa al Arab, you will be amazed by the beautiful surrounding views amidst the tranquil sound of nature and waves of fresh air. Then, as you begin your yacht journey, you will sail across all the breathtaking attractions of Dubai, many of which are famous for holding world records, given their unique structure. Witness the incredible Atlantis, the Palm from a unique perspective, as you pass along the Palm Jumeirah and marvel at the distinctive architecture of this man-made island.

An easy booking process

Head over to the Beno website or application to book your experience with the remarkable Santorini. Our user-friendly interface offers a simple booking process, without the hassle of paperwork. The Santorini yacht rental Dubai price varies as per your yacht duration and custom additions, wherein you can also make your journey thrilling by adding water activities.

Soak in the summer sun over the comfortable sunbath beds on the Santorini deck, or take a refreshing dip in the jacuzzi. Yacht charters not only offer endless entertainment but also benefit us in terms of health improvement. The soothing sound of the waves helps to reduce stress and relax one’s mind and body. Indulge in this ideal escape, or book the stunning Santorini for the most joyful celebration of your special days.