Essential Tips to be Socially Responsible on a Yacht
Jan 25, 2024

Essential Tips to be Socially Responsible on a Yacht

A yacht experience in the beautiful city of Dubai promises an uncommon experience of luxury, joy, and entertainment. If you are looking for an escape from the worries of everyday life and busy work routines, there is no better way to unwind than to choose a luxury private yacht rental. Lose yourself in the spectacular views as you pass by the world’s largest Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai, or cruise around the impressive Atlantis at the Palm Jumeirah.

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However, when you go aboard a yacht, there are certain etiquette and social rules that you must abide by to ensure a smooth, and enjoyable cruise. The following blog highlights a few important tips to help you be socially responsible on your luxury private yacht rental.

Reach timely

When you book a yacht for certain hours, make sure that you show up on time so you can make the most of your journey over the Dubai waters. Especially in the case where you are invited over yacht for an event or a celebration, being late will account for a bad impression. Alternatively, if you are the host, then reaching before the guests arrive is a smart decision, since it allows the time to check for arrangements and ensure everything is as planned.

Avoid littering – protect the environment

An essential rule amongst the list of etiquette on your luxury yacht hire in Dubai is to maintain its cleanliness and to avoid any kind of litter. If you are hosting a party, make sure that you remind the guests to not discard litter over the furniture or in the water, but rather throw it in the assigned boxes.

luxury yacht hire in Dubai

Most importantly, remember to not throw anything in the sea, especially plastic trash, since that adds to ruining the environment for marine life. Additionally, take initiatives to replace plastic, e.g., using canvas bags instead of shoppers, and reusable bottles or cups instead of disposable plastic ones.

Respect the “no shoe” policy

A majority of the yachts follow the ‘no shoes on board’ rule, for a number of reasons, including maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the luxurious yacht interior. As the inside of your exclusive yacht is usually fully carpeted or lined with premium flooring, bringing shoes over it could bring along dirt and sand, which will eventually be tough to clean.

Furthermore, high heels could result in dents over the deck, and possibly possess a risk of tripping, as the yacht tackles waves. Being barefoot prevents all of these, while also providing you the comfort of roaming around the yacht safely.

Carefully use the facilities

When you choose a luxury private yacht rental in Dubai, you get access to numerous top-notch facilities to enhance your cruise experience and make sure you have a delightful time with your loved ones. Luxury onboard amenities include Jacuzzis, spas, and cinemas, all of which should be used with care so as to not break anything, and kept clean, so it is easier for the crew to ready it for other customers after you.

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Respect the yacht crew

As you board your Dubai luxury yacht charter, the crew members present work tirelessly to ensure you are comfortable and that you have the best time during your trip. Whether it be serving you your favorite food and beverages, or taking you past the most stunning spots in Dubai, they maintain an entirely professional and courteous behavior. As a responsible customer, you must respect them and thank them for their services which contribute to making your yacht expensive a memorable one.

A cruise through the clear, blue waters of Dubai will not only bring you breathtaking views of iconic attractions but also bring you the opportunity to indulge in water sports like jetski or flyboarding. Even so, you must abide by the rules and guidance given by the crew, given that they are professionals. Being respectful and considerate towards these tips will allow you to have a wonderful time on your private yacht.