Dubai Desert Safari - Explore the Stunning Desert Landscape
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Jun 27, 2024

Dubai Desert Safari - Explore the Stunning Desert Landscape

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As you hear the word “Dubai”, you picture a city with vibrant night lights, mighty tall towers that touch the sky, mind-blowing architecture that will leave you in awe, exquisite views of the beach, and incredible desert areas. While Dubai is vastly famous for iconic landmarks like the Burj ul Arab, the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and its popular skyline, it is equally known as a city with a stunning desert landscape.

If you are here for a visit, make sure to add a desert safari in Dubai experience to your list of activities to try. Prepare to indulge in the admirable beauty of the sand dunes, and dive into the rich Arab culture with the traditional cuisine, dances, and live performances during your desert safari trip. The thrill seekers are in for a treat, as they can enjoy an adrenaline rush during the dune bashing, or ride over the sand with a dune buggy Dubai.

To avoid any last-minute hassle, ensure that your trip is booked in advance and adhere to the allocated time slots. The temperature in the desert varies, being warm during the day with cool winds at night, so make sure to dress appropriately. Remember to stay hydrated as the deserts can often have dry weather too.

The following blog highlights the best parts of exploring the desert heaven in Dubai with an exciting safari package, so you and your loved ones can create unforgettable memories amidst the dunes and the dreamy views.

Immerse in traditional activities

When you book a desert safari in Dubai experience, you are not only booking an exciting trip to the unique Dubai deserts but also a chance to explore and enjoy the traditional activities that come along. Revel in a camel ride; a distinctive way to explore around the desert, or if you are a fan of speedy rides, then consider to rent buggy Dubai.

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Have your hands decorated with stunning henna tattoos, or change into traditional clothes to collect memorable pictures during your trip. Indulge in appetizing local dishes and BBQ by the end of your safari journey, where you can also enjoy traditional dance performances and fascinating fire shows.

Enjoy the endless adventures

Featuring a range of sandy terrains, driving in the Dubai deserts is nothing short of an adventurous experience. Desert safari tours often begin with electrifying dune bashing, wherein a 4x4, driven by a licensed professional, takes you on a distinctive ride along the sand. Immerse in a roller-coaster-like experience as your vehicle moves up and down the hills and takes sharp turns along the dunes.

If you are wondering whether you can drive over these challenging terrains yourself, then a desert buggy rental is the answer to your question. As you take on the wheel in these powerful vehicles, get ready to tour the desert with unmatched fun and joy. Drive as per your preferred speed, and witness the spectacular surrounding views during your buggy ride.

Admire the exquisite nighttime views

For those who wish to take a weekend getaway trip from the hustle and bustle of the city life, try spending a day in the desert for unparalleled tranquillity amongst nature. Enjoy the waves of fresh air as you relax over the sand, especially during the night when you can witness the extraordinary beauty of the star-filled sky.

desert buggy rental

When planning your desert safari in Dubai, make sure to add a night stay to your package, so you can enjoy an unforgettable time camping under the stars. Relax in the serene atmosphere, away from the lights and noise of the city, and spend a lovely time gazing at the immaculate night sky. Spend a fun-filled time with your family, or take your partner for a romantic stargazing experience.

Plan your exceptional desert journey with Beno, one the best rental marketplace in Dubai offering a vast variety of luxury cars, budget-friendly vehicles, and action-packed buggy rides, all at affordable rates and through a simple booking procedure. Enjoy the captivating beauty of the desert landscape, and make memories you will always cherish.