Desert Safari Dubai - Top 6 Things to Try
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Apr 4, 2024

Desert Safari Dubai - Top 6 Things to Try

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It is no surprise that Dubai continues to be ranked as one of the top places in the world to visit, given the endless unique attractions it offers. Having broken several records in architecture, it is also widely known for promoting its culture and traditions in an exciting way; through desert safari.

It is a wonderful experience that not only offers adventure and entertainment but also learning how stunning the deserts in Dubai are. You can enjoy the delicious traditional food, amazing live shows, and unleash your adventurous side with a buggy rental Dubai.

In the following blog, we take you across a list of 6 things that should be on your to-do list the next time you try a desert safari. From the famous dune buggy Dubai to the mesmerizing hot air balloon ride, here are the activities you must try.

1. Dune bashing

For all those adventure lovers that love a pump of adrenaline, Dune bashing is the perfect activity to kick-start your desert safari tour. You are seated in a 4x4 Landcruiser driven by a professional, which takes swift and sharp turns with varying speeds on the dune. It is no doubt an experience that offers feelings of thrill similar to that of a rollercoaster.

Witness the beautiful sunset while you tour across the dunes in a way that only the bravest can try. You can choose to start your desert safari with this once you reach the location by either choosing the company’s pick-and-drop, or in a luxury car for rent from Beno.

2. Sandboarding

Whether or not you have tried snowboarding or skateboarding before, sliding across the dunes on a board is another activity you must take advantage of. Make sure to reach the desert during the day so you get to explore the majestic views around. You can either drive to the location in your car or rent a car with driver from Beno so you can enjoy in the backseat, while the driver navigates through traffic and makes sure you are on time.

Your sandboarding experience starts with a professional guiding you and strapping your feet onto the board, which you can then use to smoothly slide down the dune and relish in the sand and air running across your face.

3. Buggy riding

A simple example to explain what a buggy rental Dubai feels like is that it is just like dune bashing, but being fully exposed to the open and at a faster speed. Imagine moving up and down the sand dunes in a spectacular location that will get you the best pictures and videos as you try desert buggy Dubai.

dune buggy Dubai

For a hassle-free buggy experience, consider booking yours from Beno, a luxury rental marketplace. It offers various buggies for solo rides, two-seaters, or ones that can accommodate 4 people. You can let Beno know of your plan, and leave the arranging and organizing part to them. Witness a premium buggy rental Dubai as you book it with Beno in just a few easy steps using their application. Live through adventure and action like never before.

4. Hot air balloon

Indulging in the exhilarating activities on the dunes is delightful, but how would you like the exclusive option of floating in the sky and admiring the incredible views from a hot air balloon?

Feel the calmness and serenity as you are flown to around 4000 ft above the ground, and lose yourself in the charisma of Dubai deserts. This is an extraordinary way to witness the start of your day, as the sun rises right in front of you and its golden beams fall on the sand. Another exciting part of riding the hot air balloon is that you can also spot wildlife in the desert like the Arabian oryx, camels, or the gazelles. Discover the ideal location for remarkable pictures and videos, which you will always cherish.

5. Camel riding

If you are aware of the history of the Arab culture, you would know that camels specifically, hold huge importance as they were a means of transportation back in the time. This has earned them the title of being the “ships of the desert”, and to date, are highly valued and cared for in the deserts.

You can choose a buggy ride Dubai if you enjoy speed and thrill, but a bumpy camel ride is also something you must try. Experience the desert traditions as you navigate through the sand while riding peacefully on a camel, and take in the beautiful scenes around you. Amidst the journey, you also get a chance to seat a falcon on your arm and get stunning pictures that will amaze all your social media followers.

6. Traditional food with live shows

If you choose a daytime desert safari package, prepare to enjoy the most appetizing food dishes and epic live performances. Once you reach the desert in your own vehicle, or from a luxury rent a car in Dubai, you can begin your day with action-packed activities, and eventually end it with a fascinating show and dinner.

dune buggy Dubai

Indulge in the unforgettable taste of local dishes and BBQ variety, while you witness an admirable performance from the belly dancer, followed by Tanura and fire dancing. Performed by highly trained professionals, each of them will leave you stunned with their talent. Alternatively, you can choose the night packages that offer to stay in traditional camps and participate in magical star gazing.