Best Tips to Practice Safe Driving in Dubai
Jul 13, 2023

Best Tips to Practice Safe Driving in Dubai

The magnificent city of Dubai is full of incredible views and structures that leave you in awe, thus it is not a place where you can resist exploring around. From enormous shopping malls to thrilling theme parks, and stunning beaches, it has endless outdoor and indoor activities.

The best part of roaming around Dubai however, is its smooth and extensive roads. It is a treat witnessing the fascinating Dubai skyline when taking the Sheikh Zayed Road, or admiring the beauty of the uniquely structured Atlantis when touring Palm Jumeirah. While it is preferred by most to travel through these areas using public means, driving a luxury car in Dubai makes everything more exciting.

Regardless of whether you are a resident or a tourist, you can experience the thrill of driving in Dubai by renting your favorite car from a nearby car rental Dubai. Even so, you must know that Dubai has a set of rules and safety regulations that every driver has to strictly abide by. Read below to find out what you must know before hitting the roads.

Know your car, make necessary adjustments

Before diving into the road rules, your top priority should be inspecting your vehicle for any major or minor faults. Once you book your car from a car rental Dubai, make sure you are fully aware of its current condition, including the engine, oil, and tires. It is also quite helpful to learn basic mechanics like oil and water check, or changing a flat tire, in case of emergencies when help is not nearby.

After your car is all set to be driven, make sure you adjust your seat to your comfort level so that you can have a clear view of the road. Then, adjust your front and side mirrors so you can conveniently change tracks when needed.

Luxury car in Dubai

Be aware of the traffic rules and signboards

The first thing to ensure safety on roads is to wear a seatbelt. As per Dubai traffic rules, it can cost you a hefty fine for not being careful about seatbelts, since it can lessen the impact during an unfortunate accident.

Other than this, make sure you are aware of the road signs and can interpret what each one means, e.g., boards indicating directions, destinations, speed limits, and warnings. Following traffic signals is also high on the safety list for driving safely in Dubai. Stay vigilant around signals and make sure to never break a red light, as this too will result in a heavy fine and black points on your license.

Observe and follow speed limits

You have probably grown tired of hearing “speed thrills, but kills”, yet, it continues to convey a strong message regarding road safety. If you rent exotic cars in Dubai, you may be tempted to speed around, but be cautious with the speed limits. Every road in Dubai has differing limits, depending on the space and tracks.

If you are new to Dubai roads or to driving in general, avoid taking the fast lane as it caters to fast driving and requires you to be driving at the maximum limit. However, there are cameras at every turn that will catch you for over-speeding and result in penalties.

You are likely to notice flashing headlights on Dubai roads, specifically on highways where the speed is generally fast. This is used as a way to indicate to the person in front to move tracks and give way, but make sure to thoroughly check for clear sides before moving. Avoid speeding to avoid the flashing, as it can again, result in over-speeding fines.

Careful lane changing

A high percentage of road accidents in Dubai occur due to negligence while changing lanes. To save yourself from any such mishap, ensure that you do not change lanes unnecessarily, or if it has to be done, then make use of the right indicators so the vehicles around can give way.

If you wish to take on long routes, consider renting a luxury car or a SUV from a car rental Dubai, so you can enjoy driving in style. However, longer routes mean taking the highways, where you can witness a long stretch of road with multiple tracks and frequent lane changing or overtaking.

Luxury car in Dubai

In such situations, make sure you keep the necessary minimum distance between your car and the others around in order to avoid being fined for tailgating. Not maintaining proper distance can result in accidents during sudden breaks or slowing down of traffic, and will cost you a fine and black points.

Stay alert and avoid all distractions

Driving during busy hours in Dubai can often put you in stressful traffic congestion, and you may find yourself stuck for a long time. You may be tempted to check up on your phone meanwhile, but do not fall for this and resist the urge, as it could lead to dangerous incidents and penalties.

If you urgently wish to make a call or receive one, you can use indicators and pull over to a safe spot but only if it does cause disruptions in the traffic. Similarly, watch out for pedestrian crossing and ensure you bring your car to a halt if there are people crossing.

In the case of traffic suddenly slowing down on an otherwise fast road, remember to use your hazard lights to indicate to the cars behind so that they can slow down accordingly, and avoid any fatal accidents.

Once you carefully follow the above instructions, you can drive on any road in Dubai and enjoy visiting iconic landmarks and leisure spots. If you plan on renting a car, consider choosing Beno, where they provide you endless options to choose from, ranging from economical everyday use cars to family SUVs and thrilling sports cars. You can rely on Beno to provide you with thoroughly maintained cars with a few simple steps, so that your driving experience in Dubai becomes the best one.