Best things to do in Business Bay - Exploring UAE
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Aug 14, 2023

Best things to do in Business Bay - Exploring UAE

While the beautifully designed areas of Jumeirah and Marina are known for their stunning scenic views and mighty structures, the Business Bay is famous for catering to some of the best restaurants and cafes, exciting attractions, and top-notch luxury hotels.

Although the term ‘business’ in the name may suggest that it is only home to businesses, but in reality, it is not only home to multiple business and commercial offices but also features various sightseeing and entertainment options. You can visit and explore one of the most popular areas in the city when you rent a car Dubai.

Admire the spectacular waterfront or bring your loved one out for an exclusive dinner from international chefs. Indulge in delicious meals that will deliver you the taste of India, Italy, France, Lebanese, and the best Chinese in town. A brilliant idea is to book yourself a ride from a car rental in Business Bay, so you can reach your desired spot timely, without the hassle of queues in public transport.

The following blog will take you through a list of the best thing you can do, and the best places you can see when you rent a luxury car in Business Bay.

Dine in at impressive restaurants

Business Bay is generally a busy area, given that it hosts numerous local and international businesses, but you can also find remarkable dine-in options there. From affordable cafes to high-end restaurants, there is something for everyone.

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Relish in the refreshing view of the Dubai Water Canal when you dine in the restaurants built along the waterfront area. Alternatively, visit the hotels in the luxury hotels featured within Business Bay, and enjoy eating with an amazing view of the incredible Burj Khalifa. The list of food items you can find in this area is extensive, as it is famous for hosting appetizing steaks, pies, sushi, and Thai food.

If you are a fan of trying out traditional dishes from all over the world, while being seated in a unique, pleasing atmosphere, then rent a car Dubai and visit Business Bay to fulfill your wish list.

Visit popular attractions

Dubai Water Canal

This iconic attraction was introduced in 2017, and instantly attracted a huge audience, given its distinctive characteristic of stretching across a vast area. It features a breathtaking mechanical waterfall right where the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge intersects with the canal. Ever since its opening, this has not only become famous as a major attraction in Dubai but is also a fantastic spot for fitness lovers, as they can find a jogging and cycling track along the canal. Maintain your healthy routine while taking in the lovely views around you.

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Bay Avenue Park

Do you enjoy working out in a park with the refreshing sound of nature in the back? Or perhaps you would like to take your family for a picnic in a delightful park that offers a skating area and pretty lights. If so, you can rent a car in Business Bay and visit the delightful Bay Avenue Park with outdoor gyms, beautiful views, and a trampoline. Plan a day full of adventures, or lay back and relax in the peaceful, green environment.

Mountain Extreme

How does the idea of practicing your hiking skills, or learning this useful skill in an indoor location sound? Exciting, if anything. The Mountain Extreme attraction in Business Bay offers not only a fascinating indoor climbing area, but it highly resembles actual mountains to give you a realistic experience. Spend your summer conquering the peaks and polishing your hiking expertise when you rent a car and visit this ideal spot in Business Bay.

Stay in luxury hotels

Plan your next weekend in a fine, top-notch hotel in Business Bay, built in front of the appealing views of the Dubai Canal. Witness high levels of luxury when you book a stay in the lavish Double Tree by Hilton, the Radisson Blu hotel, the JW Mariott Marquis, or the distinguished Taj Dubai.

Each hotel includes luxury amenities so you can relax after a busy work week, and lay off the stress by admiring the dazzling views. Additionally, devour tasty meals in the restaurants which are situated within these hotels. If you are planning to visit UAE for vacation, consider booking your stay in Business Bay, and rent a car Dubai to conveniently move around and explore the many highlights of the wonderful area.

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