The Best Luxury Cars to Drive at Car Rentals Dubai Marina
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Jan 11, 2024

The Best Luxury Cars to Drive at Car Rentals Dubai Marina

Dubai’s representation all over the world is for being home to the tallest building, the largest mall, the biggest aquarium, and the greatest luxury cars. Especially if you come across the prime areas of Jumeirah and Marina, you can witness exotic cars that will leave you awestruck.

The exciting part here is that you too, can get your hands on the luxury car of your dreams in a few easy steps, by renting it from a car rental Dubai Marina. Prepare to take on the lavish roads of Dubai and drive along the charming skyline from the comfort of your exotic car rental.

Continue reading the following blog that highlights the finest cars you can rent in Marina, so that you can choose your favorite and take it for a drive.

1. Porsche

Indulge in a drive that not only brings you an experience of luxury but combines it with advanced technology as well as the feels of a sports car. Yes, that is what one witnesses when driving a Porsche.

Offering supercars, classic SUVs, and even electric cars, Porsche is amongst the leading brands of cars that give an ultra-luxurious ride. You can search for it at a car rental Dubai Marina, and have your chance to try their famous models including the Panamera, Cayenne Coupe, Taycan Turbo, 911 Carrera, and Macan.

If you are a fan of thrilling adventures, consider taking a drive in one of the fastest Porsche models when you rent Porsche 911 Dubai, which comes with a powerful V6 engine and an impressive structure.

2. Bentley

Bentley is the one brand that offers premium cars that define luxury, elegance, and power while maintaining a classic, vintage appearance. It is famous for being exclusive and limited and sets standards high when it comes to offering exceedingly luxurious interiors. These are one of the many reasons why it is preferred in Dubai Marina by residents, tourists, and even business officials, given that you will feel like royalty cruising around the stunning views of the area in this.

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If you wish to see around the iconic Ain Dubai at the Bluewaters Island or explore the fascinating Palm Jumeirah, look for a Bentley for rent in Dubai, and commute to the location in ultimate comfort and style. Its most famous models in Dubai include Bentley Continental and Bentayga SUV.

3. Rolls Royce

Are you trying to set a high impression during a business meeting? Or perhaps you dream of touring around Dubai in a luxury car with endless modern features. If so, you must consider a Rolls Royce for rent in Dubai, and witness its extraordinary road performance and swift and smooth drive.

It comes with a flawless interior which is designed with high consideration to details, using the best quality materials on a charming structure. Imagine driving one of the finest cars in the world to visit the beautiful attractions at Atlantis, the Palm, or admiring the towering buildings in Marina and JLT. You are likely to find models including Rolls Royce Cullinan, Wraith, or the Ghost at car rental Dubai Marina.

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4. Mercedes Benz

If you have chosen to vacation in Dubai and experience its modern, luxurious life either in surprisingly tall hotel buildings, or its exceptional beach resorts, you would need a luxury car to move around. The Mercedes Benz is an ideal option whether you wish to travel alone, with a partner, or even with family.

Donning a lavish design, and a glorious interior fitted with modern facilities and premium quality material, it is a highly impressive vehicle. Build wonderful memories when you travel around the spectacular Marina and rent your favorite Mercedes Benz model from Mercedes rental in Dubai. A few of the famous ones include the S class, C class, and the AMG.

5. Audi

It is no harm in choosing to commute by public means in Dubai Marina, considering the ease provided by Dubai Metro and tram, however, they may not be feasible in the intense summer heat. Nonetheless, you can rent a luxury car and travel with comfort, freedom, and flexibility. For experiencing the ultimate style, luxury, and excellent drive, consider going for an Audi.

It has multiple options in sedans, SUVs, and even convertibles, so you can conveniently choose a model that best fits your needs. Encounter a unique combo of elegance and power when you choose an Audi for rent in Dubai, with its sleek design and ultra-modern interior fitted with the latest innovations. In Dubai Marina rentals, you can find models including the Audi A3, Q5, A6, R8 convertible, and E-Tron.

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