Cruising Into 2024 With Our NYE Extravaganza!

Embark on a lavish journey into the New Year 2024 with Beno - Luxury Yacht Rental. As we enter the new year, these luxurious vessels transform into exclusive havens for celebration. Whether amidst the dazzling Dubai Marina skyline or anchored in tranquil waters, the ambiance is unmatched. Indulge in the opulence of finely crafted interiors, savoring exquisite cuisine while surrounded by friends or family. As the clock strikes twelve, raise a toast to new beginnings under a canopy of stars with the best yacht rental, as the gentle waves sing a symphony to your joy.

Book & celebrate on Beno Yachts, where luxury meets the magic of a New Year's Eve at sea.


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Santorini Superyacht-images-1.jpg
Santorini Superyacht-images-3.jpg
Santorini Superyacht-images-2.jpg
Santorini Superyacht-images-6.jpg
Santorini Superyacht-images-7.jpg
Santorini Superyacht-images-8.jpg
Santorini Superyacht-images-4.jpg
Santorini Superyacht-images-5.jpg
Santorini Superyacht-images-6.jpg
Santorini Superyacht

200,000 AED

  • 50 Guests
  • 5 Cabins
  • 115 ft
Jude Yacht-images-1.jpg
Jude Yacht-images-5.jpg
Jude Yacht-images-6.jpg
Jude Yacht-images-2.jpg
Jude Yacht-images-4.jpg
Jude Yacht-images-3.jpg
Jude Yacht

70,000 AED

  • 30 Guests
  • 3 Cabins
  • 74 ft
Julia Yacht-images-1.jpg
Julia Yacht-images-2.jpg
Julia Yacht-images-5.jpg
Julia Yacht-images-6.jpg
Julia Yacht-images-4.jpg
Julia Yacht-images-3.jpg
Julia Yacht

60,000 AED

  • 21 Guests
  • 3 Cabins
  • 64 ft
Arya Yacht-images-1.jpg
Arya Yacht-images-3.jpg
Arya Yacht-images-4.jpg
Arya Yacht-images-2.jpg
Arya Yacht-images-5.jpg
Arya Yacht-images-6.jpg
Arya Yacht

40,000 AED

  • 12 Guests
  • 2 Cabins
  • 42 ft

Features Include:

  • 9pm - 2am image 9pm - 2am
  • State of the art sound system image State of the art sound system
  • DJ image DJ
  • Unlimited refreshments image Unlimited refreshments

Exclusive dining options available upon request.

Terms and Conditions

For all bookings, 100% up-front payment must be made to the company by the Client, which will be non refundable.
In cases where the full payment hasn't been made, Beno reserves the right to cancel the booking and offer the vessel to other customers.