Can-Am X3 Turbo 2-Seater - A Solo Desert Driving Adventure

Experience the wild Arabian desert in style on your own with our Can-Am X3 Turbo 2-Seater adventure. These are specifically made for enthusiastic lone riders, and now provide a unique chance to explore the desert at your speed. The wide spaces, you, and the spirit of adventure. Our early morning courses provide a wonderful value for an exciting start to your day. Experience the strength and agility of the Can-Am X3 Turbo, allowing each moment to serve as evidence of the harmonious relationship between humans and machines. Take advantage of this chance to make memories in the center of the captivating Arabian scenery that speaks to the spirit of independent exploration. All Our Tours Include: Sandboarding Snacks Experienced tour guides Best maintained fleet in the industry Refreshments Support for all tours Helmet, Goggles, and Gloves. Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off service* (Booked Separately)

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What you'll do

Pick-Up: To ensure a smooth and pleasant transition to the desert experience, our chauffeur will pick you up from your designated pick-up location. Adventure spot: Your Can-Am X3 Turbo awaits you when you get to our specially marked adventure spot. Get a thorough explanation of the car and its safety procedures. Solo Desert Drive: Take the Can-Am X3 Turbo on an adventure through the expansive desert, maneuvering over dunes and open terrain. Experience the excitement of traveling alone in this powerful off-road vehicle. Refreshments: Throughout the adventure, have cool refreshments to stay energized, hydrated, and focused on the thrilling experience. Sandboarding: Enjoy the thrill of sandboarding on the magnificent dunes while taking a rest. You'll receive assistance from our experts to guarantee a fun and memorable sandboarding experience. Drop-Off: Come to an end to your journey with our Can-Am X3 Turbo 2-Seater, leaving you with unforgettable memories of conquering the Arabian desert alone. Our chauffeur will make sure you return safely. Option 2: Take a Sunset Ride to See the Desert Landscape Bathed in the Warm Hues of the Setting Sun. This adds a magical touch to the experience. It travels the same path as the morning session. It is an amazing way to end your desert excursion by yourself.

Things to know
  • No driver's license is necessary.
  • 16 years is the minimum age to ride.
  • Passenger minimum age is 5 years old or older.
  • Note that the cost is for each buggy (4 seats).
  • There is free ice-cold water available.
  • Select date Minimum Rental Hours: 1
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    Select date Minimum Rental Hours: 1