Why You Should Stay a Night in a Luxury Yacht in Dubai
Sep 25, 2023

Why You Should Stay a Night in a Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Soaking up the sun while you comfortably lay on the deck of a luxury yacht charter Dubai tops the list of ways to relax and unwind after a busy week of work and everyday errands. It provides the utmost relaxation and comfort, an unmatched experience of luxury, and a lavish lifestyle.

Choosing to go for a luxury yacht Dubai Marina makes your cruise experience even better, as you pass some of the city's most spectacular attractions, including the incredible Ain Dubai and Atlantis, the Palm.

Consider booking your yacht ride with Beno, a rental marketplace where you can choose your preferred luxury yacht from a huge variety. Be it for just you and your partner, or for a large group for a gathering or celebration, Beno offers yachts of various sizes and amenities for your ease. Relish in the premium interior of our luxury yachts, and make endless memories with your loved ones. The booking is as simple as it gets when you use the Beno app or our website to book in a few steps, which excludes the hassle of any paperwork.

Although a luxury yacht charter Dubai during the daytime offers many advantages, including breathtaking views and stunning pictures, going for a cruise at night is no less entertaining. Continue reading the following blog to find out why you should try a yacht ride at night, or stay the night for the ultimate luxury experience.

Phenomenal night views

There is no denying the fact that Dubai has the most beautiful views, and a skyline so majestic, that one could never be tired of admiring it. While it is delightful to go past all the iconic locations like the Burj Khalifa, or the Burj ul Arab during the day, viewing them at night takes the whole experience up a notch. Each of these landmarks is brightly lit up, and as a result, it looks more impressive than it does during the day.

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Choosing a luxury yacht hire Dubai for a night stay means that you will have endless views of the remarkably lit locations and skyline, thus, making your experience a magical one. This also allows you to witness the sunrise from a mind-blowing angle, as you catch the sunbeam gradually hitting the calm waves of the sea.

Exclusive stay and increased privacy

If you have been planning for a weekend getaway that brings you peace and relaxation, there is no better option than spending it over a luxury yacht charter Dubai. Staying at five-star hotels is certainly a wonderful option to refresh and enjoy luxury, but staying over a yacht guarantees maximum privacy when you book it for just yourself, or with your loved ones.

An exclusive yacht will not accommodate any other guests but you, thereby allowing you to have the whole place to yourself and enjoy the amenities in privacy. If you have been looking to have an unforgettable dinner with your partner, or with your friends and family, look no further than booking a yacht for the night. Witness an all-exclusive dinner with remarkable views of the brightly lit Dubai.

Fascinating moon sighting

Gazing at and admiring the wonders of nature from a calm spot continues to be the best way to relax mentally and physically. When you book a yacht for the night, you are also booking yourself a surreal experience of moon sighting and the sunrise from the comfort of the deck on your luxury yacht.

To add to this experience and make it a memory you will always cherish, you can add your favorite tunes and have them played over the high-quality speakers on your yacht. Imagine experiencing the incredible moon sighting as you lay under the sky, with comforting music in the background, and the cool breeze in your hair. Not only will this be a splendid way to unwind, but it will also be therapeutic for your mental health as you move away from the busy environment of the city to the quietness of the sea.

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BBQ with a view

As the weather in Dubai drops in the months to come, having a BBQ during the cool nights should be added to your list of to-do things. What does the idea of having a delicious BBQ on a yacht sound like? Remarkable, for sure, which is why your private yacht booking Dubai comes with the option of having a live BBQ.

Invite your friends and family for a unique dinner experience that promises appetizing food options while you relish the lavish views of the city. The professional crew onboard your luxury yacht will serve you deliciously cooked BBQ meals, while you and your loved ones admire the stunning views you pass by, including Palm Jumeirah and the skyscrapers in Dubai Marina.

Book your night stay on a luxury yacht with Beno, and witness a wonderful combination of comfort, joy, luxury, and tranquillity during your stay.