What is Happening in La Mer and What You Can Expect
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Sep 27, 2023

What is Happening in La Mer and What You Can Expect

Situated in the remarkable area of Jumeirah 1, the La Mer beach in Dubai started out as a spectacular attraction. It offered its visitors a lovely beach, impressive wall graffiti, and a calm, fun-filled environment making it an ideal relaxation spot. One could plan an evening with friends or a family picnic, and visit using a ride from a rent a car in La Mer Jumeirah.

What made this place stand out was its distinctive structure and design, featuring beautiful murals, the vibrant lights at night, along with some pretty cafes and restaurants on the beachfront. Palm trees and old wooden boats filled up the rest of the space, thereby adding a touch of simplicity to the overall stunning beach. Even the streets around emitted a luxurious vibe as they were often filled with exotic cars, thus portraying the lavish lifestyle of Dubai.

As for the thrill seekers, they gained their pump of adrenaline at the Laguna Waterpark situated at La Mer, which is home to numerous exciting water rides and artificial waves for surf lovers. Landing amongst some of the best waterparks in Dubai, this place offers a vast variety of water activities. Indulge in them by visiting through your rent a car in La Mer Jumeirah and making joyful memories with your loved ones.

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However, by the end of 2022, fans of this iconic location were shocked when the news broke out that it would be demolished, but this wasn’t the end of La Mer. It has shut down temporarily, only to be redeveloped and turn out even more incredible, now as the J1 Beach. The new, updated attraction is set to be open by the end of this year, and while you can certainly visit it using public means of transport, try driving around the appealing place using a rent a car Jumeirah to get the best views.

What stays from the old La Mer?

Here is another good news, not all parts of La Mer have been taken down, but just the South section. The North and Central sections will stay like they are, which means you can continue to dine and enjoy at your favorite restaurants by the beachfront in La Mer North.

As for La Mer Central, the famous Roxy Cinema also stays and will continue to offer you a luxury cinema experience, with premium seating, enormous screens, and dine-in options. The adventure-filled Laguna Waterpark will once again be open so visitors do not miss out on the amazing surfing and splashing encounter. Prepare for a thrilling day out at this waterpark when it opens, and visit using your rent a car in La Mer Jumeirah, so you can stay for as long as you like and carry your clothes and luggage around easily.

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What is at the new J1 Beach?

The updates over the La Mer South section, which is soon to open as the J1 Beach resort, promise three phenomenal beach clubs and around 10 new restaurants. The exclusive beach clubs are as follows:

· Gigi Rigolatto – As per running successfully in Paris and Saint Tropez, this famous beach club will feature appetizing Italian cuisine, a beachfront restaurant with a terrace that offers a splendid view, a bar, a kids’ area, and a swimming pool. · Baoli – A remarkable restaurant that will be offering modern Japanese dishes. Having found its fame in branches in the US, Cannes, and France, it is now set to open in Dubai to grant the people the unique taste of international food. · Sirene Beach by Gaia – Designed to offer an all-day luxurious experience at the beach, this place will feature breathtaking views, a flavorsome menu, and nonstop entertainment.

Other than this, the visitors at the much-awaited J1 beach will also have easy access to parking, valet services, and shuttle services inside to move around the area. Mark your calendars for the end of 2023, and visit the charming new attraction. Consider booking your ride from a Jumeirah 1 car rental, so you can explore without any time constraints and make the most of your time at the new beachside spot.