Top 5 Best Porsche Models You Must Drive in Dubai 2023
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Jul 26, 2023

Top 5 Best Porsche Models You Must Drive in Dubai 2023

One can not simply confess to having experienced luxury living in Dubai until they have driven an exotic car on the mighty smooth roads. The iconic streets of Dubai including Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah, and Marina are filled with stunning classic and sports cars.

If you are wondering if it is tough to experience such a splendid drive yourself, worry not, for you have the chance to rent an exotic car in Dubai at reasonable rates. Dubai luxury car rentals include premium models of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and Porsche that you can easily book and take for a lavish drive.

The following blog highlights the top 5 Porsche models trending in Dubai, so you can look for a Porsche rental Dubai, and book your favorite one right away.

1. Panamera

As the name sounds, the Porsche Panamera features a wide panoramic roof, making it not just an average car, but one with every ultra-modern feature. Although it is shaped like a sedan, it is fitted with a 4.0 liter V8 engine, and 542 horsepower, making it no less than a supercar.

When you rent a Porsche in Dubai, you can witness a mix of comfort, high-end luxury, and speed. The incredible Panamera comes with a classic interior, reverse camera for park assist, and an impressive 12.5-inch screen on the front handling control to other amazing features in the car.

As per being a 4 seater, it is also an ideal car for accommodating families. Therefore, the next time you wish to explore the charmingly tall structures on Sheikh Zayed Road or shop at the Dubai Mall, make sure to find a Porsche rental Dubai and book a Panamera for the perfect family outing.

Porsche rental Dubai

2. Cayenne Coupe

Landing as one of the finest SUVs in the town, the Porsche Cayenne Coupe also combines luxury with sportiness, making it a fitting choice to take on the roads, as well as the wonderful deserts in Dubai. Experience outstanding on and off-road drive when you rent Porsche Cayenne Dubai and enjoy its many luxury features including parking assist, built-in GPS, an extensive panoramic glass roof, and HD matrix LED headlights.

These brilliant attributes ensure a smooth and safe drive, wherein you can admire the spectacular views of Palm Jumeirah or JBR from the generous panoramic roof. During the day, if you wish to avoid the light, or require privacy, the roof can also be concealed by an automatic sunblind when needed.

3. Taycan Turbo

Famous for being the Porsche’s first series of electric cars, the Taycan is a flawless luxury ride, with an equally beautiful exterior and interior that will leave you in awe. It is a powerful vehicle that can run long distances with its remarkable 800-volt battery that produces power up to 270kW and charges rapidly.

Sightseeing around the beautiful Dubai in Porsche is a dream, and you can turn it into reality when you rent your favorite Porsche model in a few simple steps from Beno. Not only does Beno eradicate the lengthy paperwork process, but also offers the ease of picking up and dropping off your rental car at your location.

Try the breathtaking Taycan when you rent it from a Porsche rental Dubai, and indulge in its multifunction sports features; including the steering wheel, the leaned-in seats, and a spacious, majestic cockpit that is designed to replace all the manual buttons. Enjoy luxury like never before, in the fully digitalized interior that displays detailed information on the features, the drive quality, battery, as well as communication and navigation.

4. 911 Carrera

Landing amongst the fastest Porsche models of 2023, the 911 Carrera and its respective Turbo series break boundaries when it comes to combining a beautiful structural profile and massive power, thanks to its V6 engine. It also radiates an intense sports sound as a result of its sports exhaust system, thus leaving a dominating impression wherever it goes.

rent Porsche 911 Dubai

As compared to the standard Porsche vehicles, when you rent Porsche 911 Dubai, you can witness its thrilling Sports Seats Plus features as well. It is not only appealing to the eyes given its 911 logo embroidered on the headrest, but also offer a firm hold and support during the car’s high speeds. Furthermore, it comes with a multifunction GT sports steering wheel and wider wheels on the rear end to maximize comfort, performance, and stability.

5. Macan

A compact SUV that can accommodate around 5 people, the Porsche Macan is unmatched when it comes to luxury, and invincible in terms of power and smooth drive, considering its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine.

It features a profound 7-speed automatic gear selection and updated steering wheels that allow shifting to manual using gearshift paddles. Externally, it is designed as a unique SUV, one that is spacious but its characteristics would specify it as a supercar.

Moreover, similar to the Taycan, the Porsche Macan also comes with a fitted advanced cockpit that provides ease of use as per its 10.9-inch screen and digitizes all controls within the car. When you rent a Porsche Macan, you may also spot a timepiece within; a unique and precious analog clock at the center of the dashboard.

To conclude,

Dubai is not just about the glamour and splendor of the many world records it has broken like Burj Khalifa or the Ain Dubai, but it is also the best place to witness majestic supercars in action. Fulfill your dream of roaming the spectacular streets of Dubai by renting an exotic car with Beno today.