The 10 Best Reasons to Explore Sharjah
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Oct 6, 2023

The 10 Best Reasons to Explore Sharjah

Known for holding the title of the “cultural capital”, the city of Sharjah holds countless traditional wonders. The captivating museums here portray history, heritage, and architectural displays that let the visitors learn about the origins of Arabic culture. Other than this, you can indulge in various seasonal festivities and outdoor activities, or take a peaceful stroll at the corniche while sipping on some karak tea.

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The following blog highlights some of the best reasons to visit Sharjah, so you can book your Sharjah car rental accordingly, and make the best of your time here by witnessing stunning architecture and fun activities.

1. Relax at Buhairah corniche

Taking a stroll at the corniche after a busy day of work can be refreshing, especially during the evening and night hours, when the sun is down, and you can feel the rush of fresh air. This is why the Buhairah corniche is a popular attraction in Sharjah, because of its serene environment, and the delightful restaurants and coffee shops surrounding it. You can have a walk, an energetic run, play outdoor games, or simply lay on the grass and admire the stars.

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2. Remarkable museums

As per its title of being the cultural masterpiece, Sharjah is home to numerous history-based museums which you can visit and gain an insight into the early civilization and lifestyle of the Islamic culture. Some popular spots to explore are The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, The Sharjah Archaeology Museum, and the Heritage Museum, each with its distinctive sets of historical displays.

3. Boat ride at Al Qasba

Another widely loved attraction in Sharjah is Al Qasba, a uniquely designed outdoor spot that features multiple restaurants, shops, traditional food stalls, and rides on either side of the water flowing through. Thus, the best part is a boat ride along these spectacular views. As you visit Sharjah using your car rental luxury, make sure to check out Al Qasba at night, when it is filled with vibrant lights and festive music.

4. A day at Al Noor Island

With the upcoming winter season, outdoor attractions become the preferred spot for spending weekends. The Al Noor Island in Sharjah dons a remarkable structure, and includes various activities for children, thus making it the perfect family-friendly hangout destination. Explore the magical butterfly garden, and take pictures amongst the breathtaking views around.

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5. Incredible desert experience

Touring any emirate within the UAE is not complete until you take on a desert safari trip. Sharjah offers an exceptional experience of desert life by offering the thrilling dune bashing, riding the quad bikes, and admiring the incredible live performances. For the next weekend, plan a day in the desert with your friends or family, and rent a car in Sharjah to easily commute, and conveniently carry your stuff along.

6. Traditional Souk shopping

If you are a visitor to Sharjah, then there is no better way to save the memories of your trip than buying souvenirs. The Sharjah Central Souq, also called the Blue Souq, is a massive, but beautifully structured shopping destination that features traditional jewelry, Arabic fragrances, hand-crafted utensils, stunning carpets, and various other interesting products. Make sure to visit this iconic souk in your Sharjah car rental, so you can carry your shopped items easily without worrying about luggage space in public transport.

7. The Mesmerizing Sharjah Aquarium

Home to around 20 massive tanks, the Sharjah Aquarium gives you a detailed look into the charming aquatic life, including hundreds of different marine species. This is not just an attraction, but also a brilliant way for children and adults to learn about marine life and about protecting their environment. Witness a close interaction with sharks, turtles, rays, sea horses, starfishes, and numerous other smaller fishes.

8. Explore Khorfakkan

While Sharjah itself is not highly crowded with tourists, one may want to escape the city life and relish natural views and fresh air. For that, you can plan to take a drive to Khorfakkan in Sharjah, a place filled with breathtaking scenic views, crystal clear waters, and various outdoor activities. This would make an excellent day out with your partner, or you can take an SUV for rent and have a memorable picnic with your family.

9. A fascinating Safari trip

Holding the title of being the largest safari destination in the world, second to Africa, the Sharjah Safari offers an outstanding, and memorable experience of exploring wildlife in their natural habitats. Hosting around 600 animals, you can expect a fascinating trip as you watch lions, rhinos, giraffes, flamingos, elephants, crocodiles, and a lot more.

10. Endless options to eat

Sharjah is not only famous for its admirable attractions and tranquil environment but also for its endless, delicious food options for affordable rates. Have a yummy falafel sandwich, followed by the popular Arabic sweet, kunafa. End your trip with a cup of karak chai to freshen up, while you cherish a well-spent day exploring the wonderful city of Sharjah.