Safety Tips for Yachts During Thunderstorms
Dec 14, 2023

Safety Tips for Yachts During Thunderstorms

Yacht rides in Dubai continue to be one of the best ways to experience unmatched luxury, comfort, and entertainment. It provides a fantastic way to unwind and relax after a busy week at work since taking in the spectacular views of the Palm Jumeirah or the Marina will make you forget all your worries.

Indulge in some refreshing onboard yoga, or take a dip in the chilling ice bath when you go for yacht hire Dubai from Beno. With their vast variety of luxury yachts to choose from, you can book a yacht for a night out, a family get-together, or a themed celebration and allow Beno to bring your vision to life with their incredible event planning skills and delightful décor.

While a luxury yacht rental Dubai can be booked any time of the year, it is a wise decision to check the weather forecast before going on board. Although the weather in Dubai is generally calm, it can be unpredictable at certain times, resulting in unexpected rain or thunderstorm.

Although the yachting companies usually cancel your booking when they suspect risky weather, one can never predict mother nature’s mood. The sky may be clear when you start your yacht ride and suddenly change its course. Therefore, the following blog will take you through a list of precautions you can take in case you get caught on a yacht during a thunderstorm.

Confirm the weather before sailing

Checking the weather before you rent a yacht in Dubai is crucial since it saves you from last-minute delays or cancellations. However, even if the forecast shows the date of the ride to be clear, you must confirm it just before setting sail to avoid any unexpected changes in the weather.

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One may not experience too much rain in Dubai, but you can expect the weather to take a sudden shift, which is why it is advised to keep a check on the atmosphere to ensure a smooth experience with yacht hire Dubai. Some visible signs like dark clouds and changes in the wind may also indicate an incoming rain.

Keep the deck clear

Being onboard during a thunderstorm is scary, but you can prevent mishaps with these safety tips. Ensure that your yacht’s deck stays clear of any objects that could topple or toss around when the waters get rough, and possibly harm you or others around. This includes tables, chairs, or any other items that you carry along, which can easily be dragged by strong winds.

In the case where you are celebrating over yacht rental, and have décor on the deck, swiftly clear it to avoid any damage it may cause to the overall yacht.

Stay safe inside

During any emergency while you are in the midst of a yacht hire Dubai, the first rule you must abide by is to listen to the safety tips led out by the captain and the crew. If it begins to rain, they will possibly instruct you to remain inside as staying on the deck will keep you at a risk of slipping or falling.

Additionally, secure all the doors and windows to prevent the water from entering the yacht. Once inside, be careful about using electrical devices or touching metal to avoid any electrical shocks caused by lightning.

Ensure safety equipment onboard

When you decide to take on a yacht tour, you must know that even though it is highly comfortable and safe, it can expose certain risks when met with dangerous weather. When you charter a private yacht with Beno, the professional crew ensures that the yacht is updated with all the necessary safety equipment.

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Your responsibility would be to carefully listen to safety instructions given by the crew so that in times of emergency, you are aware of what to do and how to evacuate. Another recommendation for maintaining safety on board is to carry necessary medicines to avoid sea sickness whenever you travel on a yacht. One may experience severe dizziness when there is turbulence during a thunderstorm, thus, having your medicines along may be a great help.

Even so, do not let these precautionary tips keep you from going on a luxury yacht ride in Dubai. Book yourself a premium yacht from Beno and indulge in an unforgettable experience of exploring the water, admiring the views, and enjoying a premium interior. The highly trained and professional staff at Beno will ensure all essential safety equipment is on board. They also possess expertise in multiple languages so you can easily communicate in your preferred one.