Most Popular Experiences to Try in Dubai
Jan 12, 2024

Most Popular Experiences to Try in Dubai

Dubai is globally recognized for its majestic skyline and breathtaking skyscrapers, and it has broken several records in this category, including being home to the tallest building in the world; the Burj Khalifa. However, that is not all. This glamorous city is also famous for its mind-blowing attractions that are immensely admired by tourists from all over the world.

From having the largest indoor theme parks to offering exciting and thrilling outdoor adventures, Dubai has something for everyone. You can tour around and visit all the amazing attractions using the wonderful service of Dubai Metro, or travel in style and comfort by renting a vehicle from luxury car rentals in Dubai.

Places like the iconic Burj ul Arab, or the Palm Jumeirah are not only a wonder to look at but also include spectacular views where you can get beautiful pictures and make memories that you will always cherish.

Additionally, you can try viewing the city from an aerial view through a helicopter tour offered by Beno. A rental marketplace with an extensive range of luxury cars, yachts, and helicopters, Beno will provide you with an exciting tour package. Enjoy the fascinating views when you book a helicopter ride Dubai from Beno in a few simple steps from the website, or the Beno application.

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The following blog highlights some of the best experiences you can try in Dubai, so make sure to add them to your list of ‘places to visit’. Consider choosing an exotic car for rent to travel, so you can ride in comfort without worrying about the timings or long queues.

1. At the Top – Burj Khalifa

Ever since its creation, this mighty tall tower has been the identity and symbol for Dubai given its record-breaking height and unique structure. Imagine viewing the city from this height, truly incredible! But here is the wonderful news, you can actually visit the top of Burj Khalifa and witness the experience of a lifetime. With the ‘at the top’ ticket, you can have access to the 125th floor, and if you visit at night, you can have an impressive look at the city full of vibrant lights.

2. The View – The Palm

The Palm Jumeirah is not just an ordinary island, rather, it is an exquisitely designed man-made island featuring the impressive Atlantis hotel, remarkable restaurants, some more top-notch luxury hotels, and a magical waterpark; Aquaventure. Choose your choice of a ride from luxury car rentals in Dubai, and take a trip to the ‘The View’; an observatory located in Palm Jumeirah, that offers an enchanting view of the whole island, as well as the famous Dubai skyline. Catch an unforgettable sunset when you visit during the evening, and watch the captivating surroundings in the golden hour.

3. Burj ul Arab – Inside tour

The extraordinary Burj ul Arab, also popularly known as the only 7-star hotel in the world, is a wonder on its own. Built beautifully over the Jumeirah beach, it also lands amongst the tallest, and biggest hotels globally. What does the idea of having an inside tour of this exclusive attraction sound like? Well, you can now experience a 90-minute tour of the ultimate luxurious hotel and immerse in the unmatched architecture and interior, as well as some appetizing food options. Book your tickets today, and choose to travel in style by renting a luxury car from Beno.

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4. XLine – Dubai Marina

The recently added zipline in Dubai Marina, the XLine, has already set a record for being the world’s longest urban zipline. That said, it is an ideal adventure to take on for those looking for an adrenaline pump. Prepare to fly across the charming area of the Marina and admire the views from a staggering height of 170m. You lie down on your belly as you take on this thrilling experience, and you can also capture this unforgettable tour o video using the GoPro attached to your helmet. Given that there are two ziplines, you can share the adventure with your partner or a friend.

How does that sound for the perfect weekend activity? Book a supercar for rent from Beno, and take on this action-packed experience today.

Each of the above listed activities offer an unmatched encounter of luxury, delight, and entertainment. You can either take on them solo, or plan with your partner or family to spend a day admiring the beauty of Dubai from the mighty height of Burj Khalifa. Alternatively, plan a unique, fun-filled date with your loved on and take on the new XLine, while you soar through the city and fill like you are living in an action-packed movie.