Luxury Yacht Rental - Top Water Activities to Try
Water Activities
Apr 4, 2024

Luxury Yacht Rental - Top Water Activities to Try

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Your summer in Dubai does not have to be restricted to just indoors, because then you may miss out on the best hack to beat the scorching heat; water activities. In Dubai, summers last for nearly most of the year, which means your summer bucket list has ample time to be completed.

This time around, make sure to add a luxury yacht rental experience to it too. Read the following blog to find out why renting a yacht can give you the most memorable summer, as it brings along the most exhilarating water activities.

Jet Ski

What better way to cool down from the heat, than by speeding across water with a few splashes every now and then? This is exactly how it feels like to ride a Jet Ski. If you are a fan of thrillers and want to refresh yourself with some water adventure, add this to your to-do list when renting a yacht.

Riding a jet ski in the lovely waters of Jumeirah is a treat to the eyes, as you can choose to twirl around the iconic Burj ul Arab, or run swiftly over the water in front of the beautiful Atlantis.


If you have already tried the jet ski before, and would now like to go for something faster and action-packed, try flyboarding. It is exactly what it sounds like; you are flying over water with special boots strapped to your feet which give out high pressured water enabling you to fly up to 22m.

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Imagine flyboarding in Palm Jumeirah, where you can witness the stunning views of the island around you while you feel the adrenaline pumping within. Feel the cool breeze run through your hair, or go headfirst into the water when you dive from a height.

Stand-up paddle boarding

Going on a private yacht charter Dubai already brings along multiple facilities for you to indulge in and relax. It offers luxury amenities and delicious food and drinks, but not everyone prefers to lay back and lighten up. For those who love trying new activities, yachts offer stand-up paddle boarding.

As compared to the fast-paced jet ski and flyboarding, paddle boarding is a calming method to roam around the Dubai water and gaze at the breathtaking sights. You can even choose to perform moderate stretching or yoga for a boost of freshness. Or, if you book a yacht rental in Marina, you can paddle across the spectacular Ain Dubai.

Donut ride

While solo adventures are fun, it is delightful and memorable taking your family or friends along. This is where a donut ride comes in, offering donut-shaped inflatables that can seat multiple people as they are towed by a boat.

You can customize your experience by requesting to change the speed or add in swift turns and twists to make it an exhilarating experience. Witness the appealing Dubai skyline and the mighty tall towers as you spin around with your loved ones.

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One of the prominent features of Dubai waters is its clarity, specifically at Jumeirah Beach, which is famous for its blue, crystal-clear water. This is enough to tempt one for going underwaters and exploring the colorful marine life. Luckily, renting a yacht comes with the exciting opportunity to go snorkeling.

Your yacht crew will make sure you are supplied with proper gear, and guided or supervised by a professional so you enjoy the charming sea life with ease. Discover different breeds of fish, the dazzling coral reefs, or swim with the sea turtles and give yourself an underwater experience you will never forget.

Banana boat ride

Yet another water activity that you can indulge in with a group, so the next time you plan to book a yacht ride, make sure you take on the banana boat with your friends or family. With a capacity to accommodate around 10 people at a time, this exciting ride is no less thrilling than a jet ski.

Similar to the donut ride, this one too is a banana-shaped inflatable pulled by a speed boat, but at a faster speed and with sharper turns and twists. It is fun, and adventurous, and may even turn extreme if you happen to lose your grip on the inflatable and make a splash in the water. Whatever it may be, this ride will have you coming for more the next time.


Spending your summer in Dubai is memorable on its own, but you can take the entertainment and luxury up a notch when you book a yacht rental with Beno. The professional crew and rental staff will work effortlessly to ensure you have a smooth, and enjoyable experience on Beno’s charming yachts, filled with modern amenities including bedrooms, bathrooms, a spacious deck, and high-tech speakers.

At Beno, you can avail luxury yacht packages including the above-mentioned water activities, and leave the preparation to the staff on board. They will provide you with the finest gear, and train you accordingly so you can make the most out of your adventure-seeking cruise.