How to Find Affordable Luxury Car Rental Services in Dubai?
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Aug 18, 2023

How to Find Affordable Luxury Car Rental Services in Dubai?


Dubai worldwide is known to be the city of the rich and fascinates every tourist with its extravagance and glamour. It is a globally admired destination known for its affluent lifestyle, luxury, and grand architecture. In a city where even the police force drives around Ferraris and Lamborghinis, it only feels right to get the hang of the place in a luxury car, even if it is for a day.

However, you may end up burning a hole in your pocket looking for a luxury car rental Dubai. If you want an ultimate supercar experience without having to spend a fortune, you can follow these simple tips to be able to find the right affordable luxury car rental services in Dubai.

How to Find Affordable Luxury Car Rental Services

Dreams know no boundaries, but you do! Hearing the engines roar already? We know your travel fantasies are all let loose when you are on your much-awaited vacation, and you want to do everything to make this dream vacay memorable. But thinking smart and planning your luxury car rental can help you refrain from overspending, while still living your dream. That does make sense, right?

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• Scan the Internet Do your research well and compare rent a car offers in Dubai before making a booking. Make sure that you choose a trustworthy online car rental partner like Beno, that makes sure your travel experience is enhanced with easy-to-book policies and cheap deals on luxury car rental Dubai.

• Look for offers and deals Every online car rental service provider offers deals that may be valid for a day/ week/month and you need to check and compare deals that work the best for you at the time you want, in order to make the right decision.

• Avoid last-minute airport car rental Airport car rental can be hugely expensive if booked last minute. Make the most out of your travel with a partner like Beno, that provides the best car rental in Dubai, for all occasions, requirements, and needs.

• Choose the right vehicle Your choice of vehicle may depend upon the number of travelers and who your travel partners are. If you are traveling with your spouse, a romantic drive through the streets of Dubai would sound more appropriate than booking a sports car which would make more sense if you were traveling with your friends. Remember, your travel can make or break your trip.

• Avail discount on multiple days booking The booking charges may vary, even with the same car rental partner, if you book on a per-day basis vs if you book for a couple of days in a row. Check both permutations before finalizing the deal and thank us later.

• Look for unrestricted mileage options Every luxury car rental provider will have its own terms and conditions, which you should know beforehand, or else you may land in a conflict. Keep your contract and required documents handy at the time of booking and check if they provide options like unlimited mileage.

• Check your insurance Insurance may appear to be the most unnecessary concern while renting a car, but it is necessary to know what all does your insurance policy covers in your rental contract. It is important that the car you are hiring has comprehensive insurance and that your provider is absolutely transparent about it.

Planning that proposal? Out of plans for New Year’s Eve? Dying to recreate your favorite movie scenes with your BFFs? Just get behind that steering wheel and live it up on a luxurious long drive in Dubai - the city of true indulgence and sheer magnificence. Experts (wanderlust Instagrammers) even call it the best place to rent a luxury car in the world.

We hope these tips will come in handy when you plan to live your Dubai dreams without burning a hole in your pockets! Go, explore the swanky Sports Cars and ultra-luxury Voitures in the city and make your Insta-family jealous with your glam vacay grid!

A distinct experience awaits you at Dubai airport. It’s pick-up time! Vroom!