How To Choose The Right Private Yacht Charter In UAE
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Jan 31, 2024

How To Choose The Right Private Yacht Charter In UAE

Many of our clients decide to travel on a luxury boat for all or part of their island holiday. Additionally, because we are private yacht charter specialists, we can match our customers with the ideal luxury yacht. We take into account the age distribution of the group, including whether it is made up of only adults, families with children, or several generations.

Your desired degree of holiday activity is also crucial; some individuals prefer to simply lounge in the sun while taking in the vista, while others seek out days filled with adrenaline-pumping activities like diving, fishing, jet-skiing, and kayaking.

Since a private yacht charter provides beautiful meals in opulent dining rooms while others concentrate on grilling the catch of the day and taking meals on the deck, we always ask our guests how high a value they place on good dining.

Then, we offer our clients a carefully chosen range of luxury boats that are well fitted for their needs.

Here are the five most crucial questions to think about when choosing the ideal yacht charter for your island vacation:

1. Where do you want to go?

Dubai Marina, The Riviera, Oman, Bahrain, The Greek Isles, Dubai Harbour, and the Bahamas are all destinations for luxury trips from a yacht charter Dubai. You don't have to adhere to a set timetable when you hire your own boat as opposed to going on a cruise. You get to decide when and where you want to start and end your journey. Beno Yachts can help you locate the ideal luxury yacht charter for the places you pick.

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2. What type of crowd will be accompanying you?

A luxury yacht charter in Dubai can be preferred if you have a large group and want an experience more akin to a private cruise excursion. They are appropriate for larger parties looking for elegance and luxury and move quicker so you can cover more land.

Other yachts can be found for less money and smaller groups, but they are also luxurious. They are great for family and couple getaways since they put you closer to the ocean. Often with yacht charters, the price includes your fuel and meals and sometimes may or may not charge for meals and fuel in addition to the base yacht charter fee.

3. What does the crew do?

Unless you purchase a bareboat rental, luxury yacht charter Dubai involves the services of a crew. Crews generally stay on the boat for several years at a period, so they are intimately familiar with the vessel and her routes. Your yacht charter crew will include a captain and extra qualified crew members such as a cook, a concierge, deckhands, housekeepers, engineers, and on bigger boats, even masseuses and beauticians. Their purpose is to ensure that you don't have to lift a finger throughout your luxury boat holiday.

4. Do you get to choose the food?

Provisioning is a critical component of the yacht charter Dubai Marina experience. Throughout your holiday, your yacht's chef will provide meals to your company, but as there isn't a grocery store on the sea, you must make all of your pre-trip purchases.

You'll fill out a questionnaire before your luxury yacht vacation to let the chef know your preferences for food and drinks as well as any dietary restrictions or medical conditions that might be present in your group. The yacht chef will then work their culinary magic to create delectable dishes for you to enjoy!

5. Will it be a day or night sail?

The time of sailing of a Dubai luxury yacht charter has a big impact on the weather that's going to be around while traveling. Yachts vary in how they are built to respond to various weather elements including wind, waves, and sea swells. The yacht charter firm can suggest a boat that is appropriate for the anticipated weather conditions during that period by knowing the time of sailing.

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Another aspect to take into account while selecting a private yacht charter is the length of the daylight hours. Customers may find it more appropriate to choose a yacht with plenty of inside living space, pleasant staterooms, and entertainment amenities if they want to cruise during fewer daylight hours.

On the other side, a yacht charter in Dubai with ample outdoor spaces, sun decks, and water toys can be more desirable if sailing is anticipated to take place during longer daylight hours in order to make the most of the longer daylight time.