Ford Rental in Dubai - Try These Popular Models
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Oct 4, 2023

Ford Rental in Dubai - Try These Popular Models

Traveling in Dubai is never a hassle, especially with the incredible service from the Dubai Metro, intercity buses, tram, and public taxis. Each of these services is easily available, thus making it affordable and convenient for you to travel for work, or to visit popular attractions in the city like the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, or Ain Dubai.

However, using public means of transport can occasionally be time-consuming and exhausting, especially during public holidays or festival seasons. Services like the Dubai Metro stop operating after midnight, thereby putting time restrictions if you plan to travel in the late hours. This is when a car rental in Dubai would be immensely helpful, given that it not only grants you the time and freedom to travel anywhere in the city, but also helps you travel in style, and with luxury.

If you are looking for a rental vehicle that combines comfort, power, style, and technology innovations together, then consider going for a Ford rental in Dubai. Considering the smooth, and wide roads of Dubai, you would need a car that delivers exceptional performance, while also catering to advanced safety features. A Ford vehicle provides luxury with its sleek and stylish interior and a powerful drive for thrill seekers.

Continue reading the blog below to find out the most popular models for Ford rental in Dubai, so you can choose which one would suit you the best.

Ford Mustang

Perhaps the most famous, and widely loved Ford vehicle in Dubai is the Mustang. You will often spot it on the roads with its unique look and vibrant colors which are sure to turn heads wherever they go. A distinctive sports car engineered to provide excellent handling and suspension, a Ford Mustang rental Dubai is an ideal ride for enjoying the lively streets of the city.

rent Ford Mustang

When you plan to rent Ford Mustang, you will have some incredible models to choose from depending on your preference. Those who travel regularly and require a fuel-efficient car can go for the Mustang EcoBoost, whereas those who take long journeys and need a powerful engine can choose the Mustang Shelby, with its incredible V8 engine. Each of its models comes with an advanced entertainment system including touch screens, as well as advanced safety features like anti-theft alarms, multiple airbags, and ABS. Additionally, you can rent a Mustang convertible to make the most of a delightful, open-air driving experience.

Ford Explorer

Are you searching for an SUV that comes with ample space, modern safety features, and a smooth off-road ride? Because the Ford Explorer offers all of that, and a remarkable driving experience. With its spacious interior and comfortable seating, it can accommodate 7 passengers, which makes it the perfect rent a car if you are planning to travel with your family. Alternatively, you can also use this car for carrying luggage along if you are traveling on a long route.

Donning an elegant look on the inside, it comes with a built-in touch screen, modern entertainment system, navigation tools, and easy connectivity. As for the safety options, the Ford Explorer rental features adaptive cruise control, assistance for maintaining lanes, multiple airbags, and helps you adjust your speed as per the road traffic. Moreover, being a four-wheel drive, it also comes with a hill descent control system thereby providing an impressive drive off-road i.e., over rocks, or a sandy area.

rent Ford Mustang

Ford EcoSport

As the name suggests, this Ford model is known for its fuel efficiency and thus, makes for a great ride if your daily commute includes excessive traffic. Even if you plan on just exploring around the glamorous Dubai, consider the Ford EcoSport rental to help save you on fuel costs, so you can admire all the iconic destinations without worrying about travel expenses. Since it comes with up-to-date security functions like blind spot monitoring and improved stability, you can expect to have a safe and confident drive.

This compact SUV comes with a lavish interior and premium, comfortable seating which adds to its exceptional driving experience within the city, or even for longer routes. Being a SUV, this vehicle too, can aid you in carrying your luggage along so you travel with ease and convenience. Furthermore, you can relish in its superb entertainment system which allows you to connect with your Apple or Android device. Play your favorite tunes as you navigate through the streets of Dubai using the innovative navigation system.

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