Exploring Ajman - Don't Miss These Popular Places
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Jan 12, 2024

Exploring Ajman - Don't Miss These Popular Places

Enjoying the breathtaking views on the beach, taking a peaceful walk at the Marina, and exploring the Arab heritage in historic museums are just a few things on the list of top best things to do in the Emirate of Ajman. Popular for its spectacular natural beauty and tranquil environment, it is an ideal destination to relax over the weekend from the hustle and bustle of work life.

To get around the city, you can use public buses or taxis, but a more convenient method to choose would be to rent a car Ajman. Selecting an affordable car rental can be an excellent way to save cost, as well as save time since you no longer have to wait in queues for public transport. Also, if you are planning to spend a day at the beach, or have a memorable picnic at the seaside, you can easily carry your luggage around in your rent a car.

Now that you know how to roam around Ajman, read the following blog which highlights the top-rated places to explore in this incredible city. There are multiple fun activities and attractions for both adults and children.

1. Ajman Corniche

As the cold months approach UAE, there is a wide increase in outdoor activities, including taking a relaxing stroll along the beach. The Ajman corniche is a popular attraction, not only for its pleasant atmosphere but also for the various cafes and restaurants nearby. This makes it the perfect spot for a family outing, where you can enjoy waves of fresh air at the beach, and then sit for some delicious meal at the nearby places.

However, if you are in the mood for an adventurous day, you can choose to go kayaking, jet skiing, or riding the banana boat for an unforgettable outing. Check for a car rental near me, so you book your car timely and make the most of your day at this stunning corniche.

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2. Al Zohra Marina 1

Another amazing outdoor location where you can sit back and relax while enjoying spectacular views is the Al Zohra Marina 1. With delightful cafes lining it up, you have plenty of options to have your lunch and dinner with a stunning view. You can visit this using your rent a car Ajman, since it features an extensive parking space and has no fee at the entrance. It also features cheap boat rides, a play area for children, and beautiful scenic views that would amaze your Instagram audience.

3. Pygmy Zoo

If you are a fan of admiring nature and attractions in the outdoors, then Ajman is the right place for you. Apart from its impressive beaches, it is also home to the fun-filled Pygmy Zoo, a popular spot amongst children as it features various animals that they can learn about, including cats and dogs. The best part is that you can also pet the animals, play and interact with them, and have pony or camel rides. This sounds like the perfect way to spend a day out with your children. There is also ample space to sit and relax, so the parents can either explore the zoo with their little ones or enjoy watching it from their seats.

4. Ajman National Museum

It is always interesting to learn about the history of the UAE and an insight into the beginning of Arab culture. Exploring the Ajman National Museum is an excellent way to dive into the local history, as it displays ancient costumes, weapons, pottery, jewelry, irrigation systems, and how the early Arabs did fishing. Before it was a museum, this place was used by the Emirates leadership as the first line of defense, and later as a place for a ruling family in Ajman, which explains its distinctive structure of an 18th-century fortress.

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5. Al Zohra Nature Reserve

The wonderful city of Ajman is full of natural wonders, thus making it an ideal tourist spot for those who love admiring sceneries and taking on adventures in nature. If this sounds like something that interests you too, add Al Zohra Nature Reserve to your list of ‘must-visit’ places. It offers the perfect balance of peace, fresh air, and greenery, especially when you choose to kayak through the water and explore the surroundings, including flamingos and other native birds.

Plan to spend your upcoming vacations in Ajman, or choose it for a weekend getaway so you can spend some time out in the nature, and away from the busy city life. A smart decision would be rent a car Ajman, so you can travel and explore with ease and comfort. Consider renting a car from Beno, a rental marketplace with a vast variety of luxury yachts, luxury cars, and affordable everyday rides. You can book a car as per your budget and accommodation space using a few simple steps on the Beno app or our website.