Don't Miss These Adventures On Your Next Desert Safari Trip
Jan 18, 2024

Don't Miss These Adventures On Your Next Desert Safari Trip

A desert safari in Dubai is the most authentically Dubai-like experience there is. It is enjoyable for all types of travelers—couples, families, and lone travelers alike. It really ought to be at the top of your list of things to accomplish. Would you want to try shisha (hookah pipe), go dune bashing in a 4x4 vehicle, do dune boarding, ride a camel, get your hand decorated with henna, and enjoy Arabic barbecue? Then believe me when we tell you that a Dubai Desert Safari is something you shouldn't miss.

While you can choose amongst the numerous desert safari packages available that also provide pick and drop, you can also consider an SUV for rent Dubai, and drive to the desert yourself. Continue reading the following points to prepare a list of activities you must try on your next trip.

1. Sandboarding: Take a Sand Dunes Ride

Sandboarding is an adventure sport that is a part of the desert safari in Dubai, which adventure seekers must experience. Put on a board, climb a dune, and then feel the rush of speeding down the sandy hills. Sandboarding is a thrilling activity that can add excitement to any desert adventure, regardless of experience level. It creates moments of sheer adrenaline set against the wide expanse of the desert.

2. Camel Riding: A Calm Sail Through the Sands

Get on a soft camel's back and travel across the beautiful dunes of the desert for a more quiet exploring experience. You'll encounter a timeless means of transportation that links you to the ancient customs of desert life as the camel sways rhythmically across the terrain. It's a chance to absorb the serenity of the desert and witness its nuances at a leisurely pace.

3. Dune Bashing: A Sand Roller Coaster Experience

A unique rush of exhilaration awaits you as your 4x4 car climbs over massive sand dunes. When the vehicle reaches the base of the dunes, the tires are inflated, and you are gone. It feels like sliding through thick butter when you rent SUV in Dubai as you lift it to the crest of the dune and slide down the other side. Just when it seems like the driver is losing control, he cranks the wheel to bring the 4x4 back into control. The motorist arrives just in time to witness the sunset.

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4. The Customary Bedouin Camp Experience: An Exploration of Culture Under the Stars

Spend an evening on your desert safari in Dubai in a typical Bedouin camp to fully immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of the desert. With live music, Arabian food, and the alluring atmosphere of flickering lights under the starry sky, these camps provide a genuine experience. Savor a feast of traditional foods, take in captivating performances, and experience the kind hospitality of the Bedouin.

5. Hot Air Balloon Adventure: Peaceful Sunrise Over the Sand Dunes

Take a hot air balloon trip at daybreak for a wide-angle perspective of the desert awakening. As the landscape below is illuminated by the first light of the day, you drift serenely over the dunes. From the comfort of a hot air balloon basket, you may observe the desert's immensity and grandeur from a new viewpoint during this peaceful trip.

6. Stargazing: Nights in the Desert Beneath a Celestial Canvas

The desert becomes a heavenly work of art when the sun sets. The starry night sky over the desert is a canvas far from the lights of the city. Spend some time relaxing on the cold beach while gazing up at the sky's beauty. The highlight of the night has to be lying down on your back and gazing at the stars which is an activity offered by us.

7. A Fast-Paced Desert Excitation: Desert Quad Biking

Start your engines and ride a quad bike through the desert at a fast pace. Follow the sandy paths, squeezing between dune formations and savoring the independence that comes with being in an open desert. Quad riding is an exhilarating sport that allows you to explore the expansive desert landscapes while enjoying the rush of wind against your face.

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8. Falconry Exhibitions: Magnificent Desert Birds

Experience the age-old sport of falconry in the middle of the desert, which has its roots in the local cultural history. Watch in awe as the birds display their superb flying and aerial skills. These shows of falconry offer a glimpse into the special bond that the falcons and the falconers share. It also emphasizes the importance of these species for the desert habitat.

9. Arabian Desert Fauna and Flora Encounters: Learn About It

Despite the impression of a desolate terrain, the desert is filled with rare plants and animals that have adapted to its hard environment. On a desert safari in your SUV car for rent with a few trusted operators like us, you are in for a treat as you can spot Arabian wildlife such as gazelles, oryx, and different birds. You can also get great pictures on your safari and learn to appreciate the desert's natural beauty.

10. Henna Designing and Customary Clothes: Immersion in Culture

Enjoying customs such as henna painting and wearing traditional Arabian clothing can make your desert safari even more memorable. Give your hands to talented artisans to decorate with elaborate henna patterns, and dress traditionally to fully immerse yourself in the culture. A collection of these experiences is sure to become fond memories as you live a sense of authentic desert escapades.