Don't Miss These Exciting Water Sports on Jumeirah Beach
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May 20, 2024

Don't Miss These Exciting Water Sports on Jumeirah Beach

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With the month of June approaching, Dubai will be amid its peak summer season. While this leaves us with limited outdoor entertainment unlike the winters, there are still numerous malls with exciting summer discounts and lovely beaches with thrilling water sports in Dubai.

Spending a day at the spectacular Jumeirah Beach is one of the best ways you can beat the heat this summer. Indulge in a relaxing sunbath with the tranquil sound of the waves, or experience an adrenaline pump with some water activities like a jet ski, a flyboard, and more exciting options that we will explore in this blog.

As you enjoy the cool, crystal-clear waters of Jumeirah Beach, you can also relish an unmatched view of the iconic Burj ul Arab; immensely famous for being the only 7-star hotel in the world. This also makes for a remarkable background for your beach day pictures and videos, thus creating memories you and your loved ones will always cherish.

Water sports in Dubai are not just highly entertaining but also promise endless health benefits for people of all ages. Give your mood an instant boost, and strengthen your core and stamina with these exciting activities.


An ideal sport for thrill-seekers, a flyboard gives you a unique experience of soaring above the waves. Get ready to touch staggering heights as you are boosted high above the water with a powerful jetpack, and unleash your adventurous side by performing spins and dives. Witness the stunning Jumeirah Beach from a distinctive angle as you touch the sky with a flyboard in Dubai.

This may sound like a difficult water sport, especially for beginners, but the expert trainers are always available for full guidance and support. Book your exclusive experience with Beno, and leave it to our team of professionals to train you to take on this electrifying ride.

flyboard in Dubai

Jet ski

If you still wish to fly above the water of Jumeirah without the sharp turns and twists of a flyboard, then go for a jet ski ride. Soar over the waves at high speeds while enjoying the stunning views of Dubai around you. Take on this exciting water sport solo, or have a partner join you as you swiftly run across the sea.

With a jet ski, you have control over the speed and directions, which means you can also take different routes and look around the spectacular sightings from Jumeirah Beach, including the widely famous Dubai skyline.


If you prefer tranquility and the calmness of the sea over these high-speed water sports, then a kayak in Dubai is just the right activity for you. Paddle across the Dubai waters and feel the cool breeze in your hair as you relish in the wonders of nature. If you are looking to spend some memorable quality time with your partner, then paddling on a kayak will be an ideal option.

You can travel in a slow speed and let the waves gently rock your kayak, or challenge your family and friends to fun-filled competitions of who can paddle faster.

Donut ride

If you are in Dubai with your family, know that it offers countless delightful family activities that will keep you and your children entertained. A day at the beach tops the list, given that you can indulge in swimming, building sand castles, playing beach volleyball, or enjoying some family-friendly water activities like the donut ride.

A donut ride Dubai is a fascinating way to enjoy the water, as you hold tight to your giant, inflatable donut-shaped boat while it takes sharp turns and twists over a high speed. Enjoy being towed by a speed boat and feel the waves splashing your face. Suitable for children aged 3 and above, it is an ideal family sport to make your beach days unforgettable.


Another stirring activity for the speed-lovers is wakeboarding, where you can test your balancing skills as you maintain a steady balance over a surfboard while being towed by a speedboat.

wakeboard Dubai

Book your action-packed wakeboard Dubai experience with Beno and receive full training by professional instructors, so you can enjoy riding the waves regardless of whether you are an expert or a beginner.

Feel an instant rush of adrenaline as you take on these thrilling water sports in Dubai and add a touch of adventure and excitement to your trip to Jumeirah Beach. Indulge in activities with your loved ones, or challenge your limits in a solo ride.