Discover Beno's New Brand and The Latest Features
Apr 2, 2024

Discover Beno's New Brand and The Latest Features

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The glamorous city of Dubai is home to several wonders, including architectural marvels like the iconic Burj Khalifa, or Burj ul Arab. Stunning beaches, expansive roads, luxurious hotels, and exotic cars make Dubai a unique destination, that promises utmost luxury, entertainment, adventures, and relaxation.

Going around Dubai is no hassle, given the wonderful service of Dubai metro, and public transportation including buses and taxis. However, commuting via these means may come with time restraints, which is why you may consider car rental Dubai, so you can explore the city’s beauty with ease.

If you are wondering where you can find the best rental deals and choose from a vast variety of options, consider Beno, a leading rental marketplace in Dubai with an extensive fleet of exotic cars, luxury yachts, buggies, helicopter tour packages, and water activities. With its easy booking system through the website or application, it excludes any hassle of paperwork and allows you to fully enjoy your rental experience, thereby making Beno best rental marketplace in Dubai.

What’s new at Beno?

With the aim of standing out as a leading luxury concierge, Beno now features an entirely new look and appearance, including a new color scheme, a new logo, and a new vision. Both the website and the Beno app have undergone changes and now feature an appealing display, easier searching, and the addition of aerials and water sports to the products.

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Another spectacular addition is the Beno AI chat feature, which has enhanced and simplified searching the website for products and services. Continue reading the following blog to know more about these incredible changes that make Beno best rental marketplace in Dubai.

Easier navigation

The new homepage design on the Beno website features direct links to the top-rated products from the exotics and yacht rental Dubai section. Find easy navigation to specific product categories, e.g., sports cars or SUVs, directly from the home page. Here are some more additions to the homepage designed to save the user time by improvising the search process:

  • Advertisements – Through the appealing advertising of Beno’s trending products, users can easily access specified luxury yachts or avail of ongoing discount offers.

  • Exclusive Experiences – With this section on the homepage, find direct links to adventure-filled experiences when you wish to book any of the water sports, helicopter packages, or buggy rentals for an extraordinary day in the desert.

  • Quick Links – This feature allows the user to quickly land on the booking page of specific yachts, car models, or categories, e.g., private yachts, sports cars, convertibles, etc.

  • AI Chat and Search – The incredible addition of Beno’s AI chat instantly displays results when the user searches for any of Beno’s services. Search amongst our extensive fleet of luxury yachts and exotics, or see the AI’s smart suggestions regarding incredible offers featured at Beno.

Improved filters for Yachts and Exotics

The latest update also includes a new display for the yacht and exotic listings, with an enhanced workflow and filters. You can now scroll through your options and swipe through pictures of the yachts or your preferred car from the homepage, without having to open the link first.

When booking a yacht, the updated filter feature allows you to search the listings by high or low hourly price, or by their ranking of Beno evaluation; an evaluation performed by professionals to rank all the characteristics of the yacht. Other options to filter your search include choosing harbors, selecting a yacht size, and number of bedrooms. These changes are aimed at enhancing the customer experience by granting them better interaction and easy ways to place bookings for their favorite luxury yachts and cars at Beno best rental marketplace in Dubai.

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As for the changes in filters for the exotics section, you can sort the listings by high or low daily rates, latest models, number of seats, model year, the price per day, and choose the car type i.e., convertible, SUV, supercar, sports car, etc.

Enjoy an enhanced booking process when you proceed to book a product at Beno. See a calendar view of the month to check the available dates, choose your days, and then select a pick-up and drop-off time from the given options.

Discover Aerials and Water Activities

Explore Beno’s latest additions, the best packages for helicopter rentals and water sports. Navigate to the helicopter or water activities listings through a simple click on the homepage, and discover exciting deals that promise you and your loved ones unforgettable adventures.

Gaze at Dubai’s magnificent views by soaring in the sky with our helicopter rides, or beat the summer heat by splashing around in the cool waters in a jet ski, a paddle board, and endless more options at Beno.