Best Tips for Yacht Rental in Cold Weather
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Jan 19, 2024

Best Tips for Yacht Rental in Cold Weather

Exploring Dubai by driving around is one way to admire its charming and glamorous life, but cruising in the cool water on a yacht is a thrilling alternative. You can witness breathtaking views of the incredible Burj ul Arab, or the iconic Ain Dubai when you take an exclusive yacht Dubai.

The summer season in Dubai is undeniably an ideal one for trying a luxury yacht rental, given that it brings along a lot of exciting water activities to beat the scorching heat. However, there is no restricting one from trying the yachting experience in the cold months to come, given that each season has its own unique advantages.

In this blog, we will explore what it is like to take on a yacht charter in Dubai during the winter, and what essential tips you should follow to ensure a smooth cruise experience.

Wear warm and comfortable clothes

As the month of November approaches, you will feel the extreme heat of Dubai cooling down. Eventually, by January, the city often experiences light rainfall that leads to cold winds and a significant drop in temperature. Although it is rare to witness intense cold in this region, the chilled winds do require you to bring on your winter wardrobe.

Thus, if you rent an exclusive yacht Dubai during these months, be prepared to indulge in cold weather as the water temperature also drops down, thus making the overall atmosphere chilly. It would be upsetting to hire yacht in Dubai and not be able to enjoy it because you did not dress according to the weather.

Therefore, make sure to wear warm clothes that fully cover you, so you are safe from the cool breeze. Especially if you plan on participating in action-packed water sports like jet skiing or flyboarding, it is recommended that you keep warm clothes to change into, to save yourself from catching a cold. A good choice would be wearing, or keeping a fleece jacket or a wool sweater along.

Check the weather prior to your ride

Dubai waters are relatively calm, with very less chance of witnessing a sea storm, but one should always be prepared for sudden changes. Especially when booking an exclusive yacht hire, it is highly important to take notice of the weather conditions before setting sail.

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The yachts in Dubai are famous for offering an ultra-luxury experience, with their premium bedrooms, spacious deck, and delicious onboard food and beverages. Due to this, many people choose a private yacht hire Dubai for occasions and celebrations like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations.

If you have a similar plan for the upcoming winters, remember to check the weather and then proceed, as you wouldn’t want to have your plan ruined because of unpredictable weather changes. Ensure that the skies are clear, otherwise any unexpected rainfall could mess with your décor or planned theme, and you may have to spend the entire ride sitting inside the yacht.

Intake hot beverages

The rush of warmth after having a hot beverage on a cold day is an unmatched feeling. While tea and coffee are enjoyed by many during the summers too, it is soothing to have it when you feel cold. Going on an exclusive yacht Dubai during the winter may subject you to swift and cool winds, especially if you spend the ride relaxing on the deck.

Thus, don’t forget to sip on some hot coffee, tea, or milk to keep yourself warm internally, so that even if you catch a cold or develop a bad throat, you can be healed in no time. Additionally, make sure to keep yourself hydrated when on a yacht trip Dubai as winds can make the weather quite dry.

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Not having enough water can also lead to fatigue, which in the case of a yacht ride, can result in sea sickness and dizziness and hence, spoil your otherwise fun sailing experience.

Once you cater to the above-mentioned points, you can enjoy a safe and stress-free exclusive yacht rental with your friends or loved ones. For your next experience, consider booking from Beno to witness the uncommon luxury with their modern and exceptionally comfortable yachts. They offer a paperless renting system, where you can choose a yacht of your preference from their huge collection, and rent it in a few simple steps from the Beno App. Be it for events, or just cruising around the stunning views of Dubai attractions, you can rely on Beno to provide you with the best service in terms of yacht rides, catering, and highly courteous and professional staff.