Best things to do in Al Satwa - Exploring UAE
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Jul 4, 2023

Best things to do in Al Satwa - Exploring UAE

While the glamorous Dubai continues to emerge at the top with the latest technologies and modernization, some areas still carry a traditional theme. One of these happens to be Al Satwa, the district that takes you back in time to the rich UAE culture with its delightful street art.

Although given the fact that Dubai has high temperatures throughout most of the year, it is not convenient to explore the magnificent area on a walk. Perhaps searching for a car rental in Satwa and roaming around freely in your car, sounds like a more feasible option.

Read below to find out about the many places you can explore in Al Satwa in your car from a car rental in Dubai.

Admire the Arabian heritage theme

High-rise buildings with spectacular designs and structures are the staple of the UAE, especially on the widely famous Sheikh Zayed Road. However, Al Satwa remains true to its roots and consists of low-rise buildings, villas, and local markets that radiate flashbacks of the old Arab traditional era.

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The 2nd of December street in Satwa is under consideration of being turned into an open art gallery, given that around 16 old buildings in the said street are decorated with giant, mesmerizing traditional wall art by famous artists from around the world. If you are fond of applauding street graffiti or want to take pictures with backgrounds that everyone will praise, this is the just right spot for you.

A walk through City Walk

Established in 2013, the City Walk is an open area consisting of a vast number of branded shops and restaurants, making it a classic hangout spot for those who love to shop and eat. It is divided into differently themed areas, each of which is brightly lit up in vibrant colors.

From luxury cinema to delicious dining, and from incredible gaming to the perfect photography views, this place has it all. It is an ideal spot to take a stroll with your friends and family, or rent a car in City Walk and explore the buzzing streets that surround the place, from the comfort of your vehicle.

Given its open surroundings, you can have a clear view of the record-breaking Burj Khalifa, as you walk around and admire the distinctive ceiling design that covers the main entrance to City Walk.

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Enjoy the stunning view from Dubai Frame

Established in 2018, the Dubai Frame is a marvelous glass structure, standing at a shocking height of 150 meters. Not only does it leave one in awe of its unique structure in design, but also showcases a brilliant display of the past, present, and future of Dubai in its museum.

The most admirable part of the Dubai Frame, however, is the glimpse into the future and what the city will look like in 2050. It is explained through interactive displays and detailed visuals, and thus gives one an illusion of the advancements that will take place in the years to come.

This is certainly not a place to miss out if you are in the area. The best way to visit is to get a car from a car rental in Satwa, so you can drive yourself, and stay at the premises for as long as you like, admiring and praising the fascinating glass bridge.

Make a splash at the Kite Beach

An important neighboring area to Al Satwa is Jumeirah, home to the incredible Burj al Arab, and beaches straight out of movies. Also on the list is Kite Beach, famous for its crystal clear waters and white sand that is so smooth, you will love relaxing and sunbathing over it.

Plan an unforgettable beach day with your loved ones by searching for a rent a car near me, so you can take along your beach necessities e.g., spare clothes, snack baskets, and towels. Lay back and enjoy the sun or take a dip in the cool, blue water and swim along the waves.

Shop at the local market, Satwa Souq

A day at the mall is never a boring recreational activity, where you can stroll through your favorite shopping brands and pause for a delicious meal in the food court section. Even so, there is no denying the thrill of shopping in a local market.

Situated amidst Jumeirah and the Sheikh Zayed Road, the Satwa Souq is truly a hidden treasure. Filled with little shops that sell high-quality fabrics, traditional attire, and unique accessories, this place must be on your bucket list for exploring the amazing Dubai.

Witness the joyous atmosphere of a local Arab market, where you can find wonderful, unique souvenirs and home décor. Make sure to get yourself a car from a car rental in Satwa, so you can explore around without any time restrictions and visit any time.