Best Dubai Activities To Try This Eid
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Jun 26, 2023

Best Dubai Activities To Try This Eid

Joyous hugs, vibrant colors, lovely décor, and mouthwatering dishes make up the jolly occasion of Eid in Dubai. While some prefer traveling to spend quality time with families, others prefer heading to resorts or road trips to relax from the daily hustle.

Fortunately for Dubai, Eid ul Adha this year happens to fall just before the weekend, which ultimately makes it a long weekend, and thus, a great chance to retreat and relax. You can either relax at home, experience an adrenaline rush at a theme park, or spend it outdoors by cruising the water in a luxury yacht rental.

If you are unsure about how to make the best of your Eid break, read below for some interesting, and entertaining options.

1. Indulge in exciting Eid celebrations in malls

Since Eid this year has arrived in the midst of hot summer days, there are fewer opportunities for an outdoor retreat, since places like Miracle Garden and Global Village are closed. However, the malls are always a great option, given that they are centrally air-conditioned, and include everything, from your favorite stores to tasty dining.

During Eid specifically, every Dubai mall has a décor you can gaze at for hours, and discount offers you can never get enough of. While you can access a majority of these locations through the metro or public buses, choosing to rent a car will be a far more convenient option to avoid the huge crowds and waiting lines.

Rent a car Dubai

A shopping spree is not the only activity one can do in a mall. Almost every one of these includes cinemas, and what better way to spend your Eid than by watching the latest blockbuster? Make sure to pre-book tickets to your desired shows to avoid waiting in queues or running out of shows.

2. Enjoy the summer breeze with a luxury yacht rental

Road trips and resort stays are a brilliant way to spend a long weekend. Yet, taking a tour around some of the most stunning views of Dubai is something everyone should try for a change.

Make it a romantic getaway, a memorable day out with friends, or a cheerful Eid celebration with family as you rent a private yacht in Dubai and explore the iconic Palm Jumeirah, Burj ul Arab, the record-breaking Ain Dubai, and the majestic Atlantis.

Let go of your comfort zone and take part in the multiple exciting water activities that come with booking a yachting package. Plan your next luxury yacht rental with Beno, and feel an uncommon luxury experience. This Eid, Beno is offering impressive discounts on yacht rental bookings.

Enjoy appetizing meals while you sit on the deck and admire the clear, blue water. Alternatively, relax in the elegantly designed, spacious, and air-conditioned bedrooms. Or, play your favorite songs on the sound systems and shake off the stress by dancing and creating memories you will always cherish.

Luxury yacht rental

3. Take a dip at the Jumeirah beach

The ideal way to spend Dubai summers is by hitting the beach, given that they have free access, clear, cool waters, and gorgeous views to adore while you swim around. While all the beaches in Dubai offer endless activities to indulge in, the Jumeirah beach stands out because of its white sand, prime location, and nearby restaurants with delicious food options.

You can enter the beach for free, and while it is convenient to travel by taxi too, it is better to search for a car rental near me and have your own ride for more comfort and flexibility. Using the Beno application to book luxury cars and yachts will make the renting process faster as it will exclude paperwork, and will allow you to book from wherever you are.

A day out at the beach is a fun and unique way to celebrate Eid, as you can choose to have a picnic by the water, take a stroll during the lovely sunset, or take a dip in the waves. Make sure to carry your sunblock to protect your skin against sunburns, together with spare towels, blankets, and shower necessities, all of which you can easily take along when you rent a car in Dubai.

4. Spend a day at the incredible Atlantis, The Palm

If you find amusement in extreme adventures like swimming with sharks and rays or sleeping in an underwater suite while a thousand fishes swim by, then Atlantis is the right Eid destination for you.

Home to the largest waterpark in the world, this place has countless fun activities to offer, ranging from astounding dolphin shows to striking performances, and the best cuisines from local and international chefs. Take a slide down one of the scariest water slides, where you rush through a tank full of sharks before making a big splash in the pool, how is that for an unforgettable Eid experience?

There is something here for everyone, extreme sports for adventure lovers, and casual, slow-paced activities for those who like to lay back and relax. An exciting option for the latter is taking a yacht tour around the Atlantis. You can choose to go with a group or rent a private yacht to enjoy the scenic views.