A Guide to Safe Driving at Night
Aug 1, 2023

A Guide to Safe Driving at Night

Driving in Dubai is without a doubt, an ultimate thrill. Who would not enjoy driving past breathtaking structures, towers touching the sky, and the widely famous Dubai skyline that you can gaze at for hours? Double the joy when you rent an exotic car and take on the expansive roads in high luxury and style.

Dubai is a literal paradise on Earth for those who admire premium sports and luxury cars, as they are often spotted on the roads, including the greatest models of Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porshe, and Lamborghini. While purchasing one of these may not be easy for everyone, there is always the convenient option of renting your favorite model from a luxury car rental Dubai.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to take safety measures while driving, especially during the night. Studies report that most fatal accidents and mishaps usually occur when the darkness settles, as compared to the daytime, given that the night brings along quite a lot of complications that make driving tough.

The following blog highlights a list of measures you can take to drive safely during the night.

1. Keep the car maintained

The first and foremost tip to ensure safety on the roads is to keep your vehicle up-to-date and in excellent condition in terms of engine, lights, tires, and necessary car accessories. In the case where you are renting a car in Dubai, make sure to thoroughly check the car before booking, so you are confident it will run well.

Remember that unexpected emergencies may happen to anyone, and thus, you must always be prepared. Make certain that you have the necessary items for help during an unfortunate car breakdown at night, including a spare tire, torch, and a breakdown triangle.

2. Ensure functioning lights

Another essential safety tip for driving at night is to ensure your car has properly functioning lights, both on the front and rear. So, the next time you plan to book a ride from a luxury car rental Dubai, check that it has working headlights, signals, and brake lights to assist you and other drivers when it gets darker. Other than that, make it a habit to switch on the headlights ahead of the sunset, so it may help you to see with clarity, and make it easier for other drivers to spot your car as well.

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It is also highly recommended to keep your car’s lights on during rough weather conditions like fog and rain, so it improves your vision. You can choose to use a high beam in appropriate conditions i.e., places with very low visibility, but only when it will not disturb the drivers around.

3. Clean windows and windshield

Having a clean and clear windshield paves the way for a safe driving experience, especially during the night. Despite the street lights, some areas may not be too well lit, thus making it a challenge for someone with dirty mirrors to pass through, as it will confuse their sight.

Whether you have your own car, or you rent one from a Dubai car rental, scan the windshield for any scratches which could reflect light during the night and disrupt your visibility. Moreover, ensure the cleanliness of your side mirrors and windows too, so you can see approaching and nearby cars with ease, and are able to avoid mishaps.

4. Avoid speeding

Considering that the roads in Dubai are huge, smooth, and have stunning views, it is hard to resist the urge to speed on them and experience the pleasure. Specifically, when you go for a supercar rental in Dubai, like the Porsche 911, or the Lamborghini Huracan, it is delightful to drive it around the beautiful Jumeirah, or Marina.

Even so, you need to be tremendously cautious with speeding at night, since driving in the dark may affect the distance between vehicles on the road, thus raising the chances of fatal accidents. Make sure to strictly follow the speed limits that differ as per the area, that will not only save you from incidents but also from costly fines and penalties.

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5. Maintain a safe distance

Driving too close to the vehicle in front of you is highly dangerous, regardless of whether it is daytime or night. Thus, once the sun sets, avoid taking the fast lane where drivers are more likely to speed, which results in tailgating and more heavy fines. Most importantly, driving at a distance saves you from a collision in the case of sudden breaks or lane changes.

If you wish to explore the residential areas in your luxury car rental Dubai, remember to watch out for schools, cyclists, pedestrian crossings, and animals on the roads. Generally, speed limits are lower in residential areas, so, keep your vehicle slow and at a safe distance to help you maintain control in emergency braking situations.

6. Abstain from driving when tired

Perhaps the riskiest way to take on driving at night is doing it when you feel exhausted. Since our bodies are accustomed to sleeping during the night, it is understandable why we may feel drowsy when driving in the late hours.

To avoid this, make sure to have plenty of rest, especially if you plan on taking long routes or driving during busy traffic hours. Additionally, if you have weak eyesight, it may not be problematic when driving without your prescription glasses during the day, but the nights can be difficult. Thus, beware of driving without your glasses when it gets dark to avoid confusion on the road, and the difficulty of reading traffic signs.