A Guide To Getting Maximum Range on Your Tesla
Dec 11, 2023

A Guide To Getting Maximum Range on Your Tesla

As the world advances in technology, so does the automobile sector, with the rising popularity of electric cars. Although the concept was introduced many years ago, it wasn’t until the introduction of Tesla in the market, that electric vehicles started to become a favorite amongst many.

After the release of its first car in 2008, and then later the Model S sedan in 2012, Tesla gained immense success as it continued to prove that electric cars can be exciting, and better than normal cars as per being environment friendly. Since then, Tesla has become excessively popular amongst car lovers worldwide, including in Dubai.

While it can be a hefty expense to purchase one, you can still experience the joy of this incredible vehicle with Tesla rental in Dubai. However, this concept is still new to many people, a lot of whom have never had their hands on an electric car before trying the Tesla. In such cases, people are not aware of its charging habits and maintaining the battery, which is why this blog will highlight some tips to help you get the most range from your Tesla for rent.

Know the right driving style

The way we drive our car can have a huge impact on its efficiency and overall performance. Even with normal cars, practicing safe driving leads to less consumption of fuel. Similar is the case for your Tesla rental in Dubai, wherein its range is affected by driving at higher speeds or driving up a hill, both of which exert pressure and thus, consume energy.

Other than this, driving a Tesla during extreme temperatures, including the cold, rain, or snow will lead to more tire drag and as a result, more battery usage. Making overly short trips, or stopping the car every now and then is also on the list of driving factors that impact the range. The solution to this is to drive at an average speed and make use of the wonderful feature of ‘Regenerative Braking’ that comes with Tesla vehicles, set at a ‘standard’ mode.

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The impact of weather

Generally, extreme weather is tough on batteries, and since your Tesla car rental Dubai also runs on batteries, you should practice caution while driving in extremely hot or cold weather.

Considering how the temperatures in UAE remain high most months of the year, one can not drive without using the car’s air conditioner. In a Tesla, however, this means using more energy and impacting the range. Similarly, colder temperatures also affect the range since cold slows down the battery charging, and impacts the regenerative braking too.

The best way to maintain range during these weather changes is using the preconditioning option for cooling or heating your Tesla. This should be while your car is plugged in the charger, so that the energy to maintain warmth or cold comes from the charger, and not from the car battery.

Ensure maintenance

Properly maintaining your car ensures that it will last longer. Practice regular maintenance on your Tesla rental in Dubai to achieve a smooth drive and have the battery life go a long way. Based on your Tesla model, make sure to keep the tire pressure as recommended, and the wheels in proper alignment to lower the friction.

Some Tesla models come with ‘aero wheel covers’, designed to increase efficiency by around 10%. Consider using them while taking trips on a highway and longer journeys to reduce the impact on energy.

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Use the Energy App

Amongst the many remarkable options in the Tesla is the Energy App. You can locate it on the touchscreen in your car to catch visual details of the predicted battery usage, and the actual consumption. It divides the battery usage as per all the factors that utilize it, e.g. affected by the weather conditions or driving styles, so you can know the issue, and improve it. It also gives recommendations to maximize efficiency and battery.

Charging tips

As with all our electric gadgets, Tesla too, requires you to follow effective charging tips to ensure it retains its battery life. Maintain a consistent charging routine, and while it is plugged in, consider putting in your departure schedule so your car is ready and reaches your assigned charging limit. An ideal charging recommendation is to not let it exceed 85% and to not let it fall below 20%, just like our mobiles.

This is because Tesla vehicles use Li-ion cells, wherein the battery life is maintained when you avoid overcharging or keeping it undercharged. Another great tip to achieve the maximum range when you rent a Tesla in Dubai is to not make it a habit to use the Tesla Superchargers.

While it is a great convenience to charge the battery faster, it can impact the battery life, since the use of higher voltage leads to raised temperatures, and thus, can affect the battery.