A Guide to Arranging Your Next Birthday on a Chartered Yacht
Jul 4, 2023

A Guide to Arranging Your Next Birthday on a Chartered Yacht

Child or adult, birthdays call for celebration. Some prefer planning their special day themselves, while others leave it to their friends and families to throw surprise parties. Either way, it is a day to rejoice and should be celebrated in a way that makes it unforgettable.

If your birthday happens to fall mid-summer, an incredible way to celebrate it is to rent a luxury yacht charter in Dubai and make the most of your day. Invite your loved ones to a lavish cruise around the beautifully structured city of Dubai, and throw them a party that they will enjoy throughout.

Continue reading this blog to find a complete guide on how to arrange your upcoming birthday on a luxury yacht rental and make it your best one so far.

Choose a date and search for the availability of the yacht

While it is highly preferred to celebrate on the exact date that your birthday falls on, there is no harm in shifting the date earlier or moving it ahead as per your own availability, and that of your guests. Choosing the weekend is usually a great option, as it is convenient for everyone to spare time to relax and party.

Once that is confirmed, prepare your guest list and start searching for yacht rental companies. Then, review the offers that best fit your plan, budget, and your confirmed date. Booking a luxury yacht charter in Dubai with Beno will give you immense privileges, from affordable rates to the highest luxuries on board, it offers it all. Celebrate your birthday cruising around the stunning views of Marina, Jumeirah, and Atlantis The Palm.

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Decide a fun theme

It is not necessary to throw an extravagant party to make your birthday an unforgettable one. Instead, having an intimate gathering on a private yacht rental sounds like an excellent way to make memories.

After you have booked your yacht trip, proceed to choose a theme to keep your guests excited. If you are a fan of water sports, you can inform others to come prepared for some water adventures to beat the heat. Alternatively, if you want an elegant, sophisticated celebration, you can tell the guests to don formal evening attire.

Deciding on the theme beforehand also gives you the advantage of doing a theme décor on the yacht. You can also choose relevant food options to make it even more enjoyable.

Stay up to date with the weather forecast

Although it is always refreshing to hold celebrations outdoors and feel the calm of nature, the unpredictable weather may force you to change plans at the last minute. While the summers in Dubai are peaceful for the most part, one should consider the chance of sudden, unexpected rain.

That said, it can be utterly disappointing having your yacht birthday ruined at the very last moment, which is why it is crucial to stay updated with the latest weather changes when your booked date approaches. Knowing any uncertainties in advance can help you adjust your dates to later dates when the weather is clear. Even so, keep a backup plan ready so you can save your party from cancellations in case of weather emergencies.

Pick a menu everyone would adore

There is no party without some appetizing food to complete the day with. Hence, make sure you allot enough time to this section, so you can choose a menu that all the guests appreciate. A heavy course may not be the best option to have on a yacht, but some casual snacks that are easy to eat would work well.

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Consider starting your cruise with some tasty appetizers, so the guests are thrilled at your selection of food items. Make sure to order your food and drink supply as per the number of guests, so that it does not run out before time. You can choose to go with the menu offered with your private yacht charter, or you can customize the dishes as per your wish.

Book a DJ to enjoy fascinating beats

The thrill at every party begins with music, and when it is music playing on a yacht, the entertainment is doubled. Booking a luxury yacht charter in Dubai gives you the opportunity to live this dream, providing a spacious deck to move around as the speakers play your favorite tunes.

You can choose to play the music yourself, but that could make you focused on choosing a good playlist, and thus restrict you from enjoying with the guests. In order to avoid this hassle, you can choose to book a DJ, let them know your preferred music genre, and leave the song selection to them while you dance your worries away with your friends and family.