8 Reasons to Have Bridal Shower on a Luxury Yacht
Jul 7, 2023

8 Reasons to Have Bridal Shower on a Luxury Yacht

Milestones, big or small, deserve to be praised and celebrated. Amongst them is getting married; an occasion of love, happiness, and togetherness. Even so, planning and organizing weddings can be stressful, once you start sorting out the budget over necessary purchases like the venue, food, dresses, etc.

That said, it is important to lay off the stress and look towards the brighter side of the pre-wedding process; bachelorettes. For anyone tying the knot, this is a party they impatiently wait for, knowing that it is full of fun and entertainment.

Do you have a best friend who is becoming a bride soon? Are you looking for ways to give her an outstanding bridal shower? Look no further, and read below to find out why you should book a luxury yacht for an unforgettable experience.

1. Utmost luxury and comfort

It is wonderful to celebrate bridal showers in lovely gardens, with décors that depict a fairytale, however, these occasions are meant to be cherished for a lifetime. This is why you should consider celebrating in the sea for a change, with a luxury yacht rental in Dubai.

Luxury and comfort are among the primary priorities when booking a party, thus, luxury yachts in Dubai provide top-notch amenities like the finest bedrooms, clean and modern bathrooms, air conditioning, and a spacious deck.

2. A delightful atmosphere

The atmosphere of the location you choose for your parties plays a huge role in setting the mood and how it is carried out. As a host, you are probably looking for a place that has stunning scenic views, is away from noise, and has adequate space to accommodate all your guests.

A luxury yacht will cater to all these requirements, delivering you an atmosphere that radiates happiness, peace, and spectacular sights over water.

luxury yachts in Dubai

3. Stunning views

Speaking of views, there is no better place to experience the glamour and majestic sightseeing rather than Dubai, specifically the areas of Marina, Atlantis The Palm, and Jumeirah. You can go for a yacht rental Dubai Marina and gaze at the marvelous famous Dubai landmarks like Ain Dubai and Burj ul Arab.

The bride-to-be, as well as the guests, will certainly be thrilled to witness an up-close view of these remarkable places and take beautiful pictures along with them.

4. Professional event planners

Planning a bridal shower comes with its own bundle of responsibilities, from deciding a theme to arranging the party, which can be stressful. However, luxury yacht packages include set-ups by professional event planners, making it one of the many advantages to book one for your event.

Your only task here would be to discuss with the other bridesmaids if you would like to go for a formal party, a casual one, or follow a specific movie/show theme, and leave the rest to the event planners. This will give you ample time to focus on pending tasks and make sure everything is perfect for the upcoming bride.

5. Water activities and adventures

If your event falls in the midst of Dubai summers, you would probably look for ways to avoid the heat and settle for someplace cooler. While a yacht ride is an outdoor activity, it comes with the exciting option of water activities, which is an ideal way to beat the heat with your girls.

Experience a unique bridal shower where you invite the bride to go snorkeling or jet skiing on the clear Dubai waters, without fretting about safety as the yacht crew will ensure proper supplies and vigilance.

6. Dedicated staff

When you book a luxury yacht, you are not just booking a premium cruise experience, but also an incredibly helpful, and dedicated staff to serve you while you are on board.

Choosing to host a bridal shower at one of these will grant you the ease of enjoying the function without the worry of making sure things happen in the right order. Let the professional crew take care of maintaining cleanliness, serving food and drinks timely, and providing security and guidance whenever needed.

luxury yachts in Dubai

7. A customized experience

An essential part of hosting a bridal shower is to make sure everything is as per the bride’s liking, so she thoroughly enjoys the surprise and celebration. A great way to achieve this is to book a luxury yacht in Dubai, where you can have access to multiple customization options.

Yachts come in varying sizes, depending on your number of guests, hence making it easier for you to book under a certain budget. Along with this, you can also customize the total length of the ride, the food and drinks menu, and even live performances.

8. An exclusive dance party

Perhaps the greatest way to end any celebration is to invite the guests over to the dance floor and move to some upbeat music. However, not everyone is fond of dancing in public spaces, and when it is specifically a girl’s hangout, the majority would prefer a private party.

Luxury yachts come with just the right solution, offering you an exclusive dance floor and fine-quality speakers, so the bride to be can experience an unforgettable dancing time with her bridesmaids and family.

Why you should book a luxury yacht from Beno

The vast variety of luxury yachts on Beno all come with a splendid design, a premium interior, and advanced levels of comfort to provide you with an uncommon luxury experience.

Book a yacht with capacious and beautiful rooms and bathrooms, all air-conditioned to help you escape the heat when it gets too warm on the deck. On a cooler day, enjoy laying down on the extravagant deck while the courteous staff delivers you delicious drinks and food items.

For parties, Beno makes the process smooth and effortless by providing you with professional event planners, chefs, and top-quality arrangements that will leave all your guests mesmerized.