5 Reasons Why Dubai Marina is the Best for Yacht Charter
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Oct 9, 2023

5 Reasons Why Dubai Marina is the Best for Yacht Charter

The lavish lifestyle and the majestic attractions in Dubai make it an ideal destination for having an unforgettable vacation or a weekend getaway. While you can certainly move around and admire the glamour of the city in a car, exploring Dubai on a luxury yacht charter is an experience unlike any other.

Whether you would like to take your partner for a tranquil sunset at the sea or to hold an exclusive celebration with your friends or family, going for a yacht charter Dubai Marina would be the best choice. Although there are other incredible yacht charter spots in Dubai, Marina stands out given its spectacular views, which make your yachting experience unique and memorable. Experience the premium facilities and services of a luxury yacht, and make the most of your time by trying water activities, or gazing at the magical views you pass by during your ride.

Read the following blog to find out the top 5 reasons that make Dubai Marina the perfect location to charter a yacht.

1. Views you will never forget

Perhaps the best part of a yacht charter Dubai Marina is relaxing on the deck and being mesmerized by the stunning views during golden hour, or when it is brightly lit up at night. As you cruise by the Marina skyline, you will witness many towering buildings that make you admire the distinctive structures and architecture in Dubai.

You will also come across the record-breaking Ain Dubai; the largest Ferris wheel in the world. It is truly a sight to behold, with its incredibly massive size and the vibrant colored lights that highlight it after dark. You can fill your Instagram with magical pictures of these incredible views and attractions.

Marina yacht rentals

2. Thrilling water activities

Yacht rental in Dubai Marina is not at all about the views, but it also features the opportunity to boost your adrenaline by indulging in some exciting water activities. Hop on a jet ski and speed over the crystal clear Dubai waters, or try snorkeling for an up-close encounter with marine life. For those who love extreme adventures, you can consider going for flyboarding, so you can fly across the Marina and take in the scenic views and fresh air. Yachts in Dubai Marina also come with fun activities for the whole family, including banana boats and donut rides.

3. Try ultra-luxury yachts

When you plan to take on a luxury yacht, you are booking yourself an experience of a lifetime. Marina yacht rentals include premium facilities including private bedrooms, bathrooms, central AC, advanced safety features, modern technology, and high-quality speakers, making your yacht ride a superb experience.

Consider renting a luxury yacht from Beno; a leading marketplace in Dubai that offers a vast variety of luxury yachts, luxury cars, and magnificent helicopter tours. Beno provides a paperless, thus a hassle-free booking process, that only requires you to book with a few simple steps using the website or the Beno application. Be it an exclusive travel with your partner, or an intimate party with loved ones, you can rely on Beno to manage everything. From the event planning to the arrangement and the implantation, our professional onboard crew will cater to all your needs.

Marina yacht rentals

4. Have exclusive celebrations and parties

5-star hotels and resorts are undoubtedly great destinations to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings, but you can still not have the level of privacy that an exclusive yacht would provide.

A private yacht will only cater to you and your guests, thereby granting you complete freedom without worrying about any other public. Choosing a yacht charter Dubai Marina for special occasions like weddings is an excellent decision, as you can customize the décor, beverages, and food as per your preferred theme, and have your wedding photoshoot done amongst breathtaking views.

5. Explore nearby famous attractions

If you have been wanting to explore famous Dubai attractions like the extraordinary palm Jumeirah, or the iconic Burj ul Arab, then going for a yacht hire Dubai Marina is the right plan for you. These places are close to Marina, which makes them easily accessible by your yacht, and thus, you can enjoy both, cruising the sea, and admiring these delightful spots. How does this sound for a perfect day out with your loved one? Plan your next yacht experience with Beno, and let them take you around to explore Dubai like never before.