4 Things to Know Before Renting a Car in International City
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Jul 6, 2023

4 Things to Know Before Renting a Car in International City

Dubai is globally known for being home to a huge percentage of expats, made up of around 200 nationalities. One may wonder what it is like being surrounded by a high variety of cultures and traditions. To answer this amusement, the International City residential area follows a unique concept of dividing its communities as per the diversity of cultures in Dubai.

As the name suggests, its theme-based architecture sets it apart from other residential communities. Having named clusters after England, Spain, Italy, China, France, Persia, Greece, Morocco, Russia, and the Emirates, each area is specially designed to showcase the distinctive features of its respective country.

car rental in International City

Having said that, you must visit this area if you admire studying different traditions. Using public transport to commute is a good option, but choosing to rent a car in International City is a better one, given that it will be comfortable to drive around in your own car.

This blog will take you through a few things you must be aware of before renting a car in International City.

1. Search for a car rental and compare rates

Public transport is a reasonable method to choose if you are traveling for work, or to a specific area. However, if you are taking a tour around the International City, renting a car will not only save you time but also the hassle of taking buses, since the area does not have its own metro station.

There is a vast variety of car rentals in International City, but it is not possible to study them all to choose the best one. Consider shortlisting the first few suggestions from your search, and compare prices to see what best fits your needs. You can also rent a luxury car from Beno, which will save you ample time and effort since Beno has a simple and hassle-free renting process, and also a great variety of amazing cars to choose from.

2. Choose the right car that fits your requirements

Every place in Dubai is charming on its own, be it the spacious, smooth roads or the beautiful deserts. Yet, driving around on either of these requires different types of cars, i.e., a sedan or sports car is an excellent choice to take on the roads, but the deserts require an SUV or 4x4.

If you are planning to rent a car in International City, make sure you choose one that perfectly caters to your needs. Select an economical car if you plan on casually driving around the area, or visiting famous neighboring areas including Mirdiff, Silicon Oasis, or the Academic City.

However, if you wish to travel with your family, a luxury SUV will provide the required space, comfort, and ease of driving. This will come in handy if you prefer traveling with baggage.

For those who are willing to travel around Dubai in style, there is no better way than to rent a luxury car and drive around the International City, adoring the fascinating structures from the comfort of your car.

car rental in International City

3. Do a thorough inspection of the car

Although every car rental company makes sure that they provide you with the best they have, it is crucial that you perform a thorough inspection from your end too. This includes checking the condition of the car, from its engine to its interior, and making sure it is fully functional in all aspects.

Another thing to remember before you rent a car in International City is to look around and examine the car for any scratches or dents. A sensible approach is to take pictures of the car body prior to booking it, so that you are aware of its current state and are not charged for scratches that did not come during your rental period.

4. Look into insurance options

It is vital to be aware of the insurance policies when driving a rental car because incidents can happen regardless of time and situation, and thus, you must be insured to save yourself from hefty charges.

As per the law in Dubai, a majority of car rentals take you through the numerous insurance options before you book your vehicle. To be on the safer end, consider going for LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) to cover you in the unfortunate event of stealing or inflicting damage to your car.

Other than this, you can also choose Personal Accident insurance to cover your medical expense in case of any car accident where you may suffer injuries. The highways in Dubai often witness accidents due to high speed and losing control of the vehicle, thus, having insurance to cover any such mishap will save you from financial troubles in times of hardship.