Perks of Renting a Car in Dubai on a Monthly Basis
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Jun 28, 2024

Perks of Renting a Car in Dubai on a Monthly Basis

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Ever since the establishment of the remarkable Dubai Metro, commuting around the city has been immensely convenient. With stops stationed at most of the areas within Dubai, it is no longer a hassle to travel for work, visits, or for a delightful tour of Dubai. However, public means of transport such as the Metro and intercity buses are usually crowded during peak hours, including mornings and evenings, which may result in time delays.

Alternatively, using a car may be more effective during these hours, so you can skip the trouble of long queues or crowds, and reach your destination timely. If your routine consists of regular commutes, consider choosing a monthly car rental Dubai for extra ease and cost efficiency.

While daily car rentals are certainly helpful, especially for shorter trips and occasional usage, going for a long-term car rental Dubai is recommended if your travels are long and regular. Explore the incredible Dubai with the convenience, luxury, and comfort of your own car. Book your preferred option from Beno, where you can select from a wide variety of budget-friendly cars.

Continue reading the following blog to know the many advantages of choosing a monthly car rental Dubai, so you can travel with easy accessibility and freedom from time, or location restraints.

Enjoy the flexibility

Buying a car comes with huge responsibilities, from the paperwork to the maintenance, and from the hefty cost to official commitments. With a monthly car hire Dubai, you eliminate these worries and drive around with a relaxed mind.

At Beno, we offer a paperless booking process, so you can book your car with a few simple steps using our website or the application. With our user-friendly system, choose a car that best fits your requirements, e.g. a fuel-efficient vehicle for everyday traveling, or an SUV that provides ample space for passengers or cargo. Explore the iconic attractions and elite areas of Dubai like Jumeirah, JBR, or Marina at your pace, and your preferred timings.

rent a car for AED 500 per month

Save cost

A major benefit of long-term car rentals is cost efficiency, as you can make your journeys without the concern of exceeding your budget. When choosing your rental service, make sure to check for discounts that could lead to more savings. Enjoy the several perks including cutting the cost of insurance, depreciation, and regular maintenance.

Regardless of whether you require a car for work purposes or to witness the charm of Dubai with your loved ones, find affordable options including rent a car for AED 500 per month. If you are a car enthusiast and dream of trying your favorite models, a car rental sounds like an ideal solution, where you can skip the huge sum of purchasing the car, and upgrade or change your vehicle as you like.

No worry about maintenance

Every car requires routine checkups and maintenance to run smoothly, but when you own a vehicle, the regular checks and servicing may add up to a big amount. However, when you go for a car rental service, you are saved from this worry, as rental companies ensure their cars are fully maintained and in the best condition to provide a seamless drive on the roads.

rent a car for AED 500 per month

As you select your monthly car rental Dubai from Beno, you are guaranteed that your car is in the best state and that you can enjoy riding around without any unexpected inconvenience. This is greatly helpful for those who are new to Dubai, as they do not have to go through the struggle of searching for service centers.

Hassle-free traveling

If you are on a visit to Dubai, you must have a long list of attractions to explore and exciting adventures to try. While you can easily use public transport to move around, you may face some restrictions in areas not covered by it or their time slots. To avoid this but still travel under a budget, go for a cheap car rental Dubai monthly so you can experience the architectural beauty of the city.

Drive past the globally famous Dubai skyline, or visit the extraordinary, record-holding attractions like the Burj Khalifa, Ain Dubai, Atlantis, the Palm, or the exceptional Burj ul Arab. Admire the tall buildings as they glow in the sun during the day, or be fascinated by the vibrant city lights at night.